The multiple hues of Jennifer Hughes’ blues, Like I do

Like I Do

by Jennifer Hughes


You don’t know me like I do

my mind doesn’t belong in your universe

You’d like me to leave

but I got here first

Did ya think I was just using borrowed words?


Bound by desire

deconstruction of the past

the falling away of the mask

Places I thought I had to go

How I got here from there

I don’t know


I wanted that pretty, pretty picture show

Something to hold onto, you know?

While the reality of the masses melted

inside the glasses of ice with rum

No reflection shows what I’ve become

Nothing shows you what I’ve done


Too tired to come back

I tried to come back

From the echo in the void

So I could mirror you

While no one could hear you

Tried to make things clear for you

Once again


Propaganda dupes the third eye

makes you feel you’re mortal

that you’ll die

It was my experience of you that made me high

you didn’t even have to participate while

I spun out of control

into the vortex of your shadow show

I finally reap what I sow

I finally reaped what I sowed


You don’t know you like I do

Your mind only seems to run in loops

I’ve seen them all–there’s nothing new

I know you’re programmed to screw it up

You don’t know you like I do


You whisper every shout

Reality burned you out

Guess you’re stuck here now

I tried to help you end your doubt


All my pain turns into art

it’s the process that exacts and crushes my heart

a little more every time

though I was born to shine

so were you


Why should I be mad?

I’m hardwired to be taken for granted

Yeah now you know the truth

I’m programmed to screw (it up)

You don’t know me like I do


You never saw things through

just left them in the queue

I’m better here without you

alone outside the zoo


Ted Cruz behind bars for causing the shutdown of the zoo
Ted Cruz behind bars for causing the shutdown of the zoo

Jennifer Hughes Lyrics © April 16, 2015

Kristi-Leahy Bradley Music © July 6, 2015


Performance Art (You Don’t Know) 7_6-1.mp3



9 thoughts on “The multiple hues of Jennifer Hughes’ blues, Like I do

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Can’t seem to hook up with the link (nothin happens when i push the button). If the music is anything like her lyrics, man i’m hearing magic.

  2. Stef says:

    Oh, I love the rhythm that flows through your poetry. Yes, Michael, music would make this even more magical than it already is <3

  3. Jon Tobias says:

    Music and poetry are entirely synonymous, so without listening to it I can appreciate the lyrics. That used to be my favorite part about buying cassettes. They usually came with the lyrics to all the songs inside. Thank you.

  4. Parisianne Modert says:

    I adored the last four lines as a poem unto themselves, but the rest was too scattered, bitter, angry, set in unstructured accusation for me. It was difficult for me to stay focused on the absent target person and the ranting speaker. Yes, “Like I Do” brings emotional tirades up from beneath the surface, but it will appeal best to young women who feel that both a lover and themselves have let them down. I’m just not that person or audience, but perhaps others are.

  5. Tiffany Monique says:

    Stupid link. I thought of reality shows, American culture, consumerism, human nature… good drumming up of images and mixed meter. I dig it! (Snaps fingers and tilts beret)

  6. Diane Cresswell says:

    What is interesting about this set of lyrics is that you can read it backward (from last stanza to first) and it still makes great sense. It flows so well and the dialog sets the scene for two people to show the flaws in each. Would have loved to have heard the music that goes with the lyrics. Nice.

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