The Lion, the Witch, and Wardr…oh?

(Knock knock: Who’s there?   NARNIA   Narnia Who?   Narnia appreciate my humour, witch baffles me)


Good morning from your favorite towers, the ones standing tall in Moscow, home of the winter ohlimpics!

Home also to our contest A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story. Your days are running few to enter.  Still time if you have not yet rose to the equation.

Come and get your box of chocolate here:

I will be posting more of the entries later today, but first, check out this video from our own Belly Hol–oops!–BILLY Holder!  One element of our marketing plan for 2014 will be to have our authors read the first chapter of their book, to which Billy will add original music and graphics and launch not only on our site and FB, but on Youtube as well.

Sound like fun?  Hope so. Here is a little something Billy goat for his kids—WROTE for his kids!  The Cowboy, The Medicine Man, and Witch Doctor.


10 thoughts on “The Lion, the Witch, and Wardr…oh?

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Speak of shaman, sing of the witch doctor, hey man, how cool shape-shifting become any cooler? Animism, fish and a horse away we go on a worldwide course. Singing and a playing roping a trickster, listen children cause the story couldn’t be finer. Go Billy, go Thorn, what you going to do Derek from the other side of the pond. Enjoyed it, good times, The Cowboy, The Medicine Man and the Witch Doctor. Which way did they go, what being, what changing, talking to the wind, but I ain’t feeling low, cause I’m no goat, gonna hang around the lamp post in Narnia digging all the snow…leopard, lion, elephant dancing from a mouse without a tail, as the screen rolls on, as the screen rolls on. first chapters in the works and the beat goes on, on horseback, in fish swim, A Word With You Press doing its thing. Go Billy!!!

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    A kaleidoscope of spiritual textures weaved thru-out. Outstanding Billy. The concept of You Tube marketing is the way to go.I think writers will benefit greatly from your talents on this site.

  3. Billy Holder says:

    Thanks y’all, it took me about a year to finish the music. Had the premise to the story all along, but once the music was finished it took maybe 30min, the video took much longer :/ LOL!!!

  4. Laura Girardeau says:

    Billy, thank you for adding a new form to the site. The idea for music, poetry, visuals and a love story for your children all at once is brilliant. I like the shapeshifting throughout, with the horse being the medicine man…and how the music gets more complex as they enter a world with more creatures. I’m sure your kids will love this musical, poetic love letter!

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