The Koffee Klutch: One lump or two? asks Susan Brittain

The Koffee Klutch

by Susan Brittain

“Julie, my valedictorian, is being recruited by the Gates Foundation.”
“Jonathan is off to China to set up wind generating stations in remote mountain regions.”

“Shelly is on the fast track to Wall Street.”

“Rebecca is interning for Chief-Justice Roberts before going onto Yale Law School for her masters.”

The Wednesday Empty Nesters “Koffee Klutch” is in full swing. Two tables are pulled together and for the twelve participants the stakes are high. Photo’s, articles and GPA’s are being traded and played.
Stevie’s ringtone pulses “You are the sunshine of my life,” and all eyes turn, as I reach for my Yves St Laurent pocketbook. I look at the caller ID and mouth, “It’s my son,” as I rise and move to within earshot of the table.
“Oh Sean. I was just telling the “Koffee Klutch”  how you’re most likely taking the position with the Hubble telescope.”

Hook, line and sinker I reel the table into my conversation.
“Oh I do so love it when you call to chat. You want my advice. What! You don’t say. Oceanography! Where did this idea come from? Not from that crazy girlfriend I hope?

“Oh…, really……, no……, yes, that can’t be!

“You, young man, are studying Astronomy, Physics and Quality Science.”
I turn my back to the Table, this conversation is losing its luster. “Daddy and I didn’t work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, drive you to Science fairs, Robotic competitions, and NASA launches to see you throw your life away studying polluted water. Who is going to look after us when we’re old? Let me sit,down Sean, I’m having a spell. Sean, Sean, you’re  breaking up. Sean… Alistair…… Fredrick…. Simmons….., theThird! Oh he’ gone.”
I turn to the table, smile, put on my Koffee Klutch airs and graces and announce:

“ Coffee anyone, Sean’s been hired by the Cousteau Foundation.”

14 thoughts on “The Koffee Klutch: One lump or two? asks Susan Brittain

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Susan, you have a flair! A delightful peek into the upper rooms of society, this fast pace flash literary vibrates with entertainment.

  2. Robin Wood says:

    I was just reading Patrick O’Brien. I can’t tell the difference! And, as you know,MY son’s in the Pacific filming for Greenpeace!

  3. Miss P says:

    Oh no! I see the future – still attending & shuttling to those Robotics competitions, NASA launches and Leadership courses. Guess I better be prepared for – “Mom – I’m going on the hot dog eating contest circuit!”

  4. Stef says:

    Oh please. If that were my parents, oceanography or astronomy–anything but the language arts! Yes, save face for your friends dear; I hope he comes in with a jar of California ocean water (dirty as it is, that’s a real threat)!

    • thorn says:

      I had spotted versimilitude once. It was nasty, but it disappeared with the regular exercize of moving my writer’s block for about three weeks, accompanied by drinking plenty of liquids.

  5. Shawna says:

    Ah the drama of the sacrificing parent, the self-powered individualism of the young, and the age old struggle to determine who’s life it really is.

  6. Parisianne Modert says:

    This is a turmoil bubbling to the surface latte with a lot to foam at the mouth about. To me it reads like Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues on caffeine without the harmonica.

  7. Tiffany Monique says:

    The competition of mothers (much like the penis envy of fathers) is clear and true. It felt a bit Toulouse Lautrec to be – this vignette showing the shininess of the presentation with the griminess of the reality. A good start to a deeper story. But I would say ending it where you did was not right. Perhaps a reaction from the ladies? A facial expression from the mother? Something is missing and begging to be revealed – perhaps that is what makes this beneath the surface?

    • thorn says:

      I personally want to thank Susan for donating $25 to Kristy Webster’s campaign to published The Gift of an Imaginary Girl. I just reread content, and I think that we, the family at A Word with You Press (that would be vouz) will be able to claim responsibility for introducing an extraordinary talent into the literary world. Here is the link:

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