The Great Train Robbery Foiled!


We caught the bad guys!  And YES, we can now continue!

Below is the list of authors and aliases. Unscramble and send your results to  Some authors entered more than once, and each with a different alias.  Did we leave anyone out?  If you don’t see your name or alias up here, let us know so we can fix it right away.

The one with the most correct gets a $20 Starbucks card; in the event of a tie, Satikush will decide the winner.

Meanwhile, in the comment box below, let us know who you think  Doubleback McGillicuddy, our winner is.

Good luck!

Boxie Carr                                                         Janet White

Mick Coolie                                                     Mike Stang

Binari Ferroviari                                             Wendy Joseph

Ona Journey                                                      Kyle Katz

Amadeus Track                                                Grant Laurence

Dee Rayel                                                           Diana Cressswell

Addison T. Peaka                                            Laura Girardeau

E. Uro Rail                                                        Christopher Delicino

Spike Ties                                                          Sal Buttaci

R. Choo-choo                                                  Parisianne Modert

A. M. Trakke                                                    his moiness in chief

Thomas                                                             Derek Thompson

D. Whistleblows                                            Stefanie Allison

Clarksville’s Last                                            Judge Katz

R.R. Spike                                                        Kristy Webster

Metro L. Ink                                                    Afrose Ahmed

Casey Jones                                                      Mike Casper

X. Press                                                              Don Maker

Chad Anyuga                                                   Monika Brinkman

I. Ron Spike                                                      Tiffany Vakilian

N. Jin                                                                    Sharon Hightower

Toot Oot                                                             Rufia Solitaire

Richard Trevithick                                          Julie M. Cohen

Carolina Tweetsie

Gandy Dancer

A. Fusee

Trackwood Von Broekn

Tren de la Fresa

D. Reichsbahn

Doubleback McGillicuddy

Clarence Odbody

C.S Exxe


14 thoughts on “The Great Train Robbery Foiled!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    You left out one of the writer’s names and she is very unhappy about not getting credit for her story. What gives?

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      An e-mail has been sent, a note on FB private message and the above request. I hope you will honor her by including her real name in the above contest.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    All 32 alias are correctedly listed, but please reexamine your authors listed from the recovered mail bag. I believe you will find the name of my daughter, Rufia Solitaire, awaiting recognition there.

  3. Parisianne Modert says:

    Rufia asked me to say thank you and challenge the other authors to guess which story is hers. She’s sort of shy at times and an introvert.

  4. Thornton Sully says:

    Keeping on track (pun intended) tough with so many passengers. Please note that Rufia Solitaire and Julie M. Cohen each submitted stories and though their alias appears, the true identity was inadvertently left on the platform.

  5. Parisianne Modert says:

    Rufia and I soundly agree the real winner of our prophecy mix
    Is approximately our biological-combined ages divided by six.
    Whether bagpipe poem solo or heather with golden cheese duet,
    This author is not horrible or evil, a blessed one, a mother’s floret.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Perhaps they should have used the name of Gilda-post Railner for you Diane, but then again if Thorn & Tiffany had used the appropriate name(s) for me, the Marshall of Cow Town would have arrested the whole AWWYP gang for a hanging participle party.

  6. Parisianne Modert says:

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a train
    By any false name would ride as discrete;
    So Thorn would, were he E. Uro Rail call’d,
    Reprint that dear pun-fection which you prose
    With that downbeat. Thorn, on board thy name,
    And for that ticket which is no part of thee
    Punch my hole-self.

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