The eyes have it: Miryam Howard with entry #3


Miryam Howard has just the poem to brighten up your day!  This is the third entry we are posting for our contest that asks you focus your lens on any article of clothing that that suits your fancy.  In Miryam’s case, it’s glasses. Apparel-ly–oops! Apparently not wine glasses, which also have the power to alter (some say improve) your view of the world. Have some fun and enter our contest, and I ask everyone to personally solicit three people to enter our contest as well.  In fact, bring in two new writers to our site and I will waive the entry fee for the three of you!  (That’s me, not the wine talking!) Before I make a spectacle of myself, here are the details:

And here is


Enchanted Eye Glasses

By M.L.Howard


The land of Pom Trees had lost its compassion

The people were grumpy and none were in fashion

Their clothes were like rags, their houses were shacks

And despite their desire, they couldn’t get back

And why might you ask? It’s simple you see…

Their smiles had all gone — sailed out to the sea!

It would be an adventure, of course they all knew

But oh dear delirious, what else could they do?

Their neighbors were gloomy

The sidewalks unruly

If they be-fiddled much longer their land would be lost!

They must arise in courage whatever the cost!

So deciding to change this terrible mess

The kind-hearted Trio prepared for the quest!

Susan would be commander-in-chief

As everyone knew she would take no beef

Aimee organized all the supplies

As she was a girl that refused all bribes

Ryan delivered each package with care

For he was a boy that no one could scare

The remedy for this terrible plague

Was beyond fudge-cycles or sweet lemonade

It could not be purchased, or taught in mere classes

What their land required was Enchanted Eye Glasses!

For as each one affixed a new optical view

Their smiles would return, YES this was the clue!

With a map in one hand and dressed in her best

Susan announced, “It is time for our quest!”

Aimee was ready and packed to the brim

Enchanted Eye Glasses for her and for him!

Ryan was anxious for he knew what would be

Delivery service, — the ultimate key!

Through the streets of the city

Marched this curious committee

Tinkling bells could be heard

T’was extremely absurd

The Trio shouted for all to come out

“It is time to let go of your terrible pout!”

At first the people appeared rather weird

Confused and bewildered, they squinted and peered

The notion of kindness was altogether startling

To each it was — just a tad bit alarming!


Before there was time for squabbles to begin

Enchanted eyeglasses appeared in a spin!

Colors galore, shapes of all sizes

A pair for each person, NO COMPROMISES!

Peering through new lenses a miracle occurred

Frowns turned to smiles and barely was heard

A cry or a grumble

A peep or a crumble

Pom Land was in shock to witness this plot!

Laughter erupted so loud

Even liberals stood proud

The journey continued till the sky went to sleep

The grumpiest of grumps had bowed in defeat

Even thugs and liars

And those that conspired

Couldn’t help but succumb

To that of a chum

What a sight to see!

What a place to be!

All on account of the Trio’s party…

The End



10 thoughts on “The eyes have it: Miryam Howard with entry #3

    • Miryam says:

      Thanks for the read Mr Coonce! It is a silly little poem, but sometimes it feels good to just have fun. Hope all is great for you.

  1. Derek Thompson says:

    Thanks, Miryam, for reminding us of the playfulness and joy in language. Even hard-bitten cynics, seeking treatment in clinics, could get down with the masses, with your Enchanted Eye Glasses!

  2. Mike Stang says:

    Wow! And you told me once you couldn’t write like that. I am in awe of the scope of the undertaking. How light and airy it reads. I want to dance.
    Thank you.

  3. Frances says:

    Miryam, you’re an enchantress;
    Only you could bewitch the masses, with your magical spin on the power of glasses.
    Dr. Suess would be proud.

  4. Brian Howard says:

    I obtained my enchanted glasses the day I laid eyes upon you.
    Thank you for adventuring with me my dear.

    I am your greatest fan.
    I have loved watching your writing gift trickle and now flow with intensity.

    I especially like how you have pulled me into ‘limerick ‘ over the years.

    What fun……

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