The dogged pursuit of caring: Lidia Chikhareva


Our previous contest “One-of-a Kindness” asked you to recall an act of kindness you witnessed or received or even initiated, and we were inspired by our friend Mary Latham’s tour of the country collecting stories about good things in our lives:

Here you can reread Lidia’s winning entry. How appropriate to post this in time for Thanksgiving!

Everyone who entered will be receiving a “More Good” t- shirt, currently on order to be delivered to the towers that are A Word with You Press, then to be shipped to all participants (Make sure you have sent shirt size and mailing address to

As the winner of the contest, we will be donating $50 on Lidia’s behalf to the charity of her choice.  Here is how she will perpetuate her act of Kindness.  I just got this email from Lidia:


Hi Thorn and everyone

I am really excited about being a part of the past contest, especially that all the entries were special and unique each in its own way. Just as acts of kindness…

Anyway, I’ve chosen Nadační Fond Psí Naděje (can be translated as Dogs Hope) – it’s a charity organization which helps dogs in shelters all across the Czech Republic (or should I say Czechia?). I adopted my dog from one of the shelters and I know that homeless dogs’ life is not easy. So I hope that our small donation will make a difference to at least one dog soul.


Thanks again Lidia, and all of you from around the world who visit our site.  Have a joyful Thursday, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or feel equally grateful each day of the year for the goodness in your life.  Joy is there for everyone who opens their heart.


And thanks, Mary, for inspiring our contest!

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