Take me out to the ball game!


I just read in Washington Post an article about Vin Scully. In part:

“But Scully stood out far more for how he narrated the most ordinary of meaningless matchups on a lazy July night. He understood something essential about why people spend absurd amounts of time caring about games other people play. He understood that it was all about communing with others, about sharing a belief and a passion, about being part of something bigger, something that could disappoint or elate, but something that, either way, could connect strangers to each other.”

Isn’t that about everybody who writes on this site? We do spend absurd amounts of time and caring about stories other people write. And though sports metaphors usually make me gag, I will concede that the success of our site is a team effort, and we are entering another inning with Stefanie Allison on the mound.image

Batter up!

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