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Tiffany Monique offers us a wing and a prayer

(personally, I think author Tiffany Monique is in(da)vinciable) Literati! Tiffany Monique, who conjured up the ghost of William the shaker of spears for her first entry returns now with something slightly more acidic as her second entry into The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest. If you are joining us for the first time, details […]

I was thinking to myself….

this could be heaven or this could be another Wing Nuts entry! (apparently God’s favorite drink is the screwdriver) Literati! KYLE Katz takes us on a tour of the Infernal Writ–oops!–ETERNAL Writer’s Club with her favorite wingman, Mike Stang. Somebody care to buy the lady a drink?   Dead and living in New York By […]