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Laura Girardeau, SWAF team commander

School Girls Passing Notes

Good morning, Literati, from Camelot! (aka the towers that are A Word with You Press in Moscow).

Today we post our final finalist in our contest: Once Upon a Time. We still need a few more judges, because my lease prohibits a dart board hung in these hallucinatory hallways, and a randomly launched dart might be the most equitable way (literary-equality, anyone?) to determine our winner, as the quality of writing in superb with all our entrants, and each style is so diverse.  If you would like to be a judge, I will send you a pdf of the five prologues, first and second chapters of our finalists, along with an outline of how to judge each one.

Our winner will be announced by podcast on August 30th at the book launch for Raw Man, to be held in Oceanside at the hacienda of our friend, best selling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Victor Villaseñor.

In the meantime, her is Laura channeling her inner child, from her work-in-progress “The Secret Place”

Laura Girardeau is lionized Once Upon a Time

(here one of the Satikushes–the guard-cats at The Towers that are A Word with You Press-invites a tummy rub) Literati! Laura Girardeau has an entry into our contest Once upon a Time in which apparently she takes great pride!  And well she should. Lions are the king of beasts, and the beasts of kings. Laura’s […]