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The Great Train Robbery Foiled!

Those foul bandits made off with the mail bag, robbing Tiffany and myself the time we needed yesterday to post the list of aliases and real authors in scrambled form, for you to sort out. But we headed them off around the bend, in wheel time.

Janet White’s train of thought: Our continues rolls right along

Hello again, Oh Larcenous Literati!  And you thought it was only writing that did not pay! In this entry into our contest, motherly love blinds mom to the inevitable turns of the wheels of justice.  But such is love! http://www.awordwithyoupress.com/2014/01/15/roses-and-chocolates-and-thorns-oh-my-our-first-contest-of-2014/ Only a Mother… by Janet White   “Brazil, you say?” Ethel beamed and pointed at […]