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Stefanie Allison once more proves she’s adoorable Once Upon a Time

(these portals for mortals may look like endless possibilities for those who read…BUT!!!  For those who write? Endless knock-knock jokes) Literati! We have a few more entries remaining in our contest in which each contestant has been required to submit the prologue to the novel they are telling everyone that they are writing.  Semi-finalists, to […]

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!! Stefanie Allison is!

(Papa’s in the house  Putting Gravitas on a Lo Carb Diet, our mission statement) Literati!  We are a culture judged by our peers primarily by our sexual orientations, but secondarily by our unwavering devotion to the national pass, punt, or kick time: football.  I understand that recently there was a gladiatorial match between two rivals […]

Stefanie Allison works shard for the money…and our contest!

  (Stefanie Allison shellebrating the conclusion of our tribute to Peggy Dobbs, with whom Stefanie had a special bond) Good Evening, Again! from the towers that are A Word with you Press in sunny downtown Moscow (well, downtown, at least!) Just five stories away from being able to announce our finalists. Here is the third […]

Stefanie Allison,lesson planner…our contest continues

(Stefanie Allison, whom I watched graduate from Cal State, discovers core principles inside every apple.) Literati! Still hard at it, posting stories.  this will be 11 of 24 since the marathon began after Thanksgiving. This is from one of our most diligent and prolific writers (how did you do with nanowrimo, Stef?) Here is Darkest […]