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The Salcilian with his Trophy!


Literati. As most of you know, when we have a substantial cash prize, it is usually won by me under an assumed name (honoring a family tradition that I will perhaps share with you one day). But that is all in the past! To prove the authenticity of our contests, I asked Sal Buttaci to send a picture one his trophy arrived!

Sal Buttaci’s final entry is a rib-tickler and a fig leaf of his imagination, again!

Literati! Sal Buttaci never fails to entertain, in this his final entry into our contest, one you can sink your teeth into!
According to the cyber-patrol, I have only one story left to post in our contest. (Miryam, that would be vous!) If your story fell through the cracks, now is the time to let me know. Tomorrow I will put up a post that will allow every competitor AND everyone who left a comment to help select our winner.

Author Sal Buttaci announces winner of the Nobel Prize

(uncle Sal Buttaci is wild about turkeys) Literati!  The Merry Thorn–oops–MARATHON begins.  24 known stories to post.  Help me with the countdown, won’t you? Our favorite flasher Sal Buttaci has never run a-fowl in our contests. Could this be the exception?   Read on.  This is Sal’s third and final entry into the contest that […]