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Stephen Roberts remembers a Peggy Dobbs we never knew…Our contest continues

Illuminati!–ooops!–I mean Illiterati–I mean, I mean…oh, you know!…All of you who visit this site to give and get a good story over a pint or a cup. (or a cuppla pints?) But the cup thing. A Word with You Press started out several years ago with an invitation to submit a story about anything in […]

A Homering Pidgeon…a tribute to Peggy Dobbs by Miryam Howard

“owl never forget you, Peggy…none of us will” Good Sunday morning to you all, Literati mia First time on this site? Currently our contest is honor of a woman we all love named Peggy Dobbs, who passed away in June at the age of 82. Peggy was a regular contributor to our collection of stories […]

The Magical Mystery Tour continues with Diane Cresswell

Good Saturday morning from Friendship Square in Moscow, oh longed-for Literati! Our contest tribute to Peggy Dobbs continues…in fact I have a backlog of entrants crowding the bus. This particular entry by Diane Cresswell clearly was inspired by Peggy rather than the prompt. If you are new to the site, I suggest you read our […]

500 reasons to read this entry ($)

“I swear, it’s not too late.” Literati! I have procrastinated to sail to the edge of the world, for fear that I would drop off the edge into oblivion. But I have had to sail to the edge in search of a contest that will challenge your abilities to produce a brilliant and important piece […]