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Parisianne plays BOLDLY with her new entry!

petticoat dancer

I believe in the mission of A Word With You Press – to put gravitas on a low carb diet. But when we speak of lost love, gravitas comes with the territory. Hold on! Not too worry! I’m sure Thorn will say something irreverently-adolescent-and-bordering-on-crass in 3… 2…

Parisianne does not take Pluto for planet again

Literati! Our contest submission deadline has passed, and by Saturday afternoon, if not sooner, I will have posted all the entries. I will then dedicate a page in which everyone who participated,either as a contestant or reader, can vote for their favorites. These contests are the life-blood of the towers that are A Word with You Press. If you have entered the contest, please copy and paste the link to your story on FB, and invite last-minute comments.
Now, back to Parisianne Modert! Here is her third and final story, so timely, about our stellar celebrity dwarf planet/moon. Parisianne reminds us that sometimes a plutonic relationship is best.

Once a swan a time: Parisianne Modert’s chapter two

Our contest to encourage/cajole/bribe/intimidate/threaten/coerce, or even Inspire to sit on your arse and actually write that novel you have spoken about to family, friends, and impressionable young and potentially available women/men is in its final phase. We asked you to submit a prologue; then chapter one; then chapter two, had you made it to the finals.  We have just a few more entries to post before we select a winner. In the meantime, here is chapter two from the faire Parisianne Modert.

Parisianne Modert travels a bridge too far, Once Upon a Time

(one of our interns at the towers that are A Word with You Press. That is not a cigarette  holder; it’s a smoke editor) Literati! Here is a most unusual entry into our contest Once Upon a Time. Madam Parisianne Modert’s entry could be a stand-alone story, or a vignette ( “a small, graceful literary sketch” […]

Madame Parisianne Modert is Phonetically Challanged

Good day to you all from the towers that are A Word with You Press in beautiful sunny downtown Moscow.  Our friend and contributor Parisianne Modert has conjured the spirit of Lily Tomlin to help us make that call. I would love to call my own parents but I would have to call collect and […]

A Proposition: From one of our most astute commentators, Madame Modert

Good Evening, Literati, on this blustery fall day from the Towers that are A Word with You Press just a few short blocks from Friendship Square in Moscow. Parisianne Modert has proven to be as capable a critic as writer, and I am made well aware of the shallowness of my own thoughts simply be reading […]