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With Mike Stang you never know what’s coming: The Coming

Literati! Mike Stang is the third of five finalists in our Beneath the Surface contest. Here’s a story about anticipation and, just maybe acceptance of the inevitable. Two more finalists to post…I keep checking the windowsill for Sparky, our carrier pigeon. Must be disoriented by all the smoke that still hangs in the air in Moscow like the blur of a man in love.

For Gary, Mike Stang is here again

For those of you new to our site, we have two ghosts whose living spirit helped shaped our website. One was Peggy Dobbs who delivered home-spun tales in her final years on the planet, and the other was that irascible cowboy Gary Clark. Freud said “Immortality is being loved by many anonymous people.” Our website gave these two immortality. Mike Stang, remembers, again, and misses, still, our beloved Ghost Writer in the Sky.

Channeling Gary

Literati The plan had been for Mike Stang to come to Oceanside when Gary rode into those dusty streets, hitched up his pony to the Towers, and we were all going to swagger over to The Flying Pig to drink women and ogle other people’s beer, after inviting everyone who ever visited the site to […]

Michael Stang Enters the Auditorium

(Pictures don’t lie! North Koreans and L’il Kim applaud as Michael Stang enters the auditorium to read his entry into our contest Once Upon a Time. Dennis Rodman, traveling incognito, blends in disguised with shades and a baseball cap and piercings so popular in  host’s country) Literati!  Michael Stang has decided that the only way […]

I get the impression Michael Stang has entered our contest again

(Baroque:  When you’re out of Monet) Ahhh! My Louvre-loving Literati! From time to time (actually, almost always) the graphics that I use to amplify a story submitted are a bit of a stretch…In this instance, the stretch of a canvas over a frame.  But to me this makes perfect sense. Mike Stang is an impressionistic […]

To every thing, there is a season…Mike Stang reminds us

Literati. I am sitting in the towers that are A Word with You Press in sunny downtown Moscow, eating mint moose tracks and looking at all the stories that are still to be posted.  I am in awe of our joint shared creation.  We have over fifty entrants, each one who in some way interacted […]