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Northern exposure: Michael Stang enters our contest

The compass of the heart that spins crazy in the tropics, holds fast and rigid when it finally leads us to true north, where age does not thaw easily into the passions of youth, and the heart pumps with slow deliberation: a lost love, an impossible chance encounter. Is it frozen, or just hibernating?

Is Paris burning? Mike Stang almost skirts the issue

(Mike Stang, seen here with helmet, about to liberate Paris  from a flood of cognac after WWII) Literati!  War is Over! And now the inundation of the glorious frivolities of peace! Imagine our goat-bladder of wine filled with the stories backlogged from the last few weeks, as now they come trickling forth!  Patience, as we […]

Size matters…according to Michael Stang, and Shawn Pen enters our contest

(here is a picture of Michael Stang on Casual Friday) Temptation! Oh my beloved Literati! My temptation is to post this story without even reading it.  It IS after all, sent to us by none other than Michael Stang and I have just had the second of my two-beers-for-four-bucks at Bucher’s Coffee House and Pub […]