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Parisianne plays BOLDLY with her new entry!

petticoat dancer

I believe in the mission of A Word With You Press – to put gravitas on a low carb diet. But when we speak of lost love, gravitas comes with the territory. Hold on! Not too worry! I’m sure Thorn will say something irreverently-adolescent-and-bordering-on-crass in 3… 2…

Inspector Madame Parisianne Modert is not so clue-so-less!

(is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to be me?) Good Evening, Literati! Our second semi-finalist for our contest, Once Upon a Time, is Madame Parisianne Modert, submitting here for your review and entertainment the first chapter to her novel-in-progress: Smoke Veil Bridge. Again, as often, I remind our readers […]

Parisianne Modert on auto pilot helps our contest fly

(this is the look on my face when I discovered that we only have 18 days left before the next phase of our contest) Literati! It is comforting to know that even in the world of the future, be it science fiction or reality TV, that some metaphors are simply irreplaceable. London fog (not the […]

Parisianne Modert is inderigible!

OOPS!  I mean incorrigible!  Beyond restraint! Here she has the audacity to submit a prologue in our contest Once Upon a Time in which she herself selected the illustration and found the incredible video to accompany her entry.  Is the editor-in-chief (moi) to serve no purpose at all? I will get over it.  Parisianne really […]