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F.J.Dagg enters our contest on a wing and a prayer

(Footprints in the sand at La Jolla Shores look suspiciously like those of FJ Dagg) Good Evening, For those of you helping with the countdown, this is story number 13 of the 24 I have sworn to post since Thanksgiving. F.J. Dagg has finally found the woman of his dreams…but is it too late?  Here […]

F.J. Dagg–You’ve been THORNED

Literati! I am so pleeeeeezed to announce an avante gard entry by F.J. Dagg, author of Lowlands of Heaven (available on Amazon). The story of Mary and her lamb has never been told with such attention to word. It begs the question, did former story tellers attempt to pull the wool over our eyes? F. […]