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Channeling Gary

Literati The plan had been for Mike Stang to come to Oceanside when Gary rode into those dusty streets, hitched up his pony to the Towers, and we were all going to swagger over to The Flying Pig to drink women and ogle other people’s beer, after inviting everyone who ever visited the site to […]

Gary Clark! You’ve been Thorned!

Good somber morning from the Towers that are A Word with You Press in the Land of the Double entundra. To the shock of many, including myself, I am actually capable of keeping a secret. Might be that modicum of dormant decency in my soul, but more than likely it’s because Gary authorized Mike Stang to arrange a mafia-style hit on me if I misbehaved. I have known for well over a year what was coming.

Gary Clark busted! He used to go gay*

The founder of Tom Green County, where this story takes place.   * (play incriminating video. I know enough of Gary Clark, however, to know that if her were gay, there would be no closet in Texas big enough to hold him, not even in Tom Green County.  Read further to find out why he […]

I see by your outfit that you…are Gary Clark!

Literati! Looks like the magic is coming back.  Just posted this contest, and already Gary Clark has entered with a new work in progress. The task of each author who enters this contest is to connect us to the story fast as fallin’ through a prologue.Each author has to decide for themselves how much information […]

Gary Clark’s Immaculate Perception…

(as Mike Tyson said to Vincent Van Gogh: You gonna eat that?) Literati! At last, the final entry into The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest. I am soooo tempted to include Gary as a finalist because this story is soooo damn …well, you’ll see. But this is kind of a rule stretch to let […]

Disclaimer: No elevators were hurt in the posting of Gary Clark’s entry

(in this gilded cage Gary Clark attempts to elevate his status as a writer…but does Granny know?) Literati! The same author whose only crime to date on this site has been the unsolicited ticking of funny-bones reveals his warm and fuzzy self.  New to the site?  Check out Gary’s other stuff by putting “granny” in […]