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Love is a burning debt…Elizabeth Sloan fans the flames

(methinks Like a Rock is a bit more than Bob Segar selling Chevrolets) Hello again from the Land of the Double Entundra and the towers that are A Word with You Press. How slight is the difference between requited and unrequited love.  A mere two letters. Elizabeth Sloan’s second entry into our contest brings to […]

Elizabeth Sloan has a jarring experience for our contest

Good Day to you all from the Towers! Thanks to Elizabeth Sloan, I have discovered that a lightening bug is not a creation of NSA. Elizabeth, you may recall, was neck-and-neck with Kristy Webster as a finalist in our previous contest. Here is her first entry into “A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A […]

Writing is in the blood for Elizabeth Sloan

(Mt. Idaho in Heming-by-the-way country) Good Evening, my illuminating Literati! Best guess is we have had sixty entries for The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest. Many of the submissions are from those among us who had the pleasure of Peggy’s love and good nature on our website (has she really left us?) But some […]