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Diane Cresswell: Smell the roses, feel the Thorn

Literati! Less than a week to send in your own contest submissions for Beneath The Surface. AND less than two weeks before Tiffany Vakilians book launch, where the winner will be denounced. All entries must be deceived by August 22nd, at which time I will announce three finalists. If you entered the contest, post it on FB and ask your friends to leave comments on the site. Everyone who leaves a comment will be in the voting pool, but they must leave their comments on more than one entry by August 22nd. I urge everyone to scratch beneath the cervix and come up with–oops!–scratch beneath the surface and come up with a meaningful entry for this contest! Meantime, here is Diana!

Diane Cresswell discovers invincibility

Literati! Some think that despair is the destination at the end of a very long path, through dark forest under unsympathetic skies.–others think it is a filling station on the side of a circular desert road somewhere between Gila Bend and Yuma. Road warrior that she is, in this pondering Diane Cresswell discovers grace, and the palliative power of love after an arduous journey.

Diane Cresswell’s magenta is pulsating! A Valentine’s Day Love Story

(The Battle of Magenta added color to the Italian War of Independence…but you knew that!) Good morning, my loving Literati! Diane Cresswell has warned me that should my nose hairs freeze together and I sneeze I could blow my brains out, here in the frozen north country, the land of the double entundra. Sound advice […]

The Magical Mystery Tour continues with Diane Cresswell

Good Saturday morning from Friendship Square in Moscow, oh longed-for Literati! Our contest tribute to Peggy Dobbs continues…in fact I have a backlog of entrants crowding the bus. This particular entry by Diane Cresswell clearly was inspired by Peggy rather than the prompt. If you are new to the site, I suggest you read our […]