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Claudia Barillas visits Once Upon a Time

(almost makes you wish you were carrying baggage…ah shucks…we ALL have baggage.  The difference among people is whether their stuff is folded inside a Gucci or crammed in a duffel bag) Literati! I received this entry to our contest Once Upon a Time about a week ago, but I declined to post it until I […]

Barillas to thrillus…our contest continues

(Editor-in-chief giving lip service to current intern) …Still good evening, still from the towers that are A Word with you Press just up the street from Friendship Square in sunny–oops!–snowy downtown Moscow! A versatile writer is one who can assume the identity of multiple characters and leave you wondering if they are writing fiction or […]

Claudia Barillas gets a leg up on the competition

Literati!  Here comes Claudia Barillas entering our contest once again. I swear, it’s not too late, but I do have to remind you the last entries must be received by Thanksgiving day. Every author gets three chances to make the finals. Six finalists will then be given a prompt and parameters (I LOVE parameters!) to […]