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Editor-in-Chief (Moi) errs! Sorry about that, Christopher Delicino

I know…Hard to believe… I posted a story by new-comer Christopher Delicino in which I wrongly accused him of being a student at the University of Idaho. I need to resign my post and go work for The Washington Post or CNN. Christopher is not a student and I should have thoroughly investigated that rumour […]

Idealism Vandalized: Christopher Delicino enters our contest

Oh! Nail-biting Literati! Here is the first entry this evening, from fellow Muscovite Christopher Delicino. Do I detect the youthful idealism of a Vandal?  (University of Idaho brethren and sisterns refer to themselves as Vandals, as in “The pump don’t work ’cause the Vandals took the handles”–Bob Dylan) Christopher is one of five (?) competitors […]