Stefanie Allison pays lip service to our contest.

Oh, Liperati!

You who read the rules to our contests may recall that in addition to loading up a 200 to 250 story with cliches, you are also required to choose a single cliche’, and breath a little life into it, so it does not sound cliche’ at all.  And who among us would not listen to anything whispered by these lips?  Reminiscent of the whole Petraeus affair:  Loose Lips Sink Hips.

The Right Moves

by Stefanie Allison.


“Adam? It is my pleasure to train you on your last wedding duty.”



“Dance?! As IF!”

“For the blind,” I said to my assistant as I handed him the duster and pointed to the window in question. “Adam, just come here and I’ll teach you the basic waltz step. Ten minutes. Ok?” I wrapped my left arm around his back and I slipped my hand in his strong one.

“Step forward, left foot,” I said. “Forward, right. Step to your right. Feet together. Step back, right foot. Back, left. Left. Again. Forward. Right. Together.” He stopped.


“…You missed a step.”

“…Which?” He smiled, leaning in.

“Forward, lips.”




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