Starting with a BANG!!! OUR FIRST FINALIST!


Our finalists have come at me so fast with their final entries that I lost my breath! WOO! I asked our finalists a very important question: in a 100 words, how would you change the world? And the speed of their responses tell me that maybe it’s within our reach. So here is finalist number one with:


The disaster was cruel, it was nature’s beast after all but by god, the aftermath did not stop. It is still grinding its way like some Sci-Fi freak show into the earth, beneath the ocean, on the way to Earth’s core. If you ever thought of Hell as a physical, actual place then you could envision this entity. You could imagine for yourself the nightmare coming for all life and the planet itself.

The clouds separated for pilot Skip and he could see his target, a massive crater of fire. The gravity bomb left the jet tons lighter heading home.


Did you guess which one this is? Do you need to compare back-to-back to know? Will Superman finally get his man? Find out tomorrow on the next episode of “A Word With You Press”!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Thorn in a Halloween costume?!

3 thoughts on “Starting with a BANG!!! OUR FIRST FINALIST!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Here we are presented with “The China Syndrome” pending doom meets a “Hiroshima” flight of rescue supposition applied to the Fukushima Dalichi power plant disaster brought on by the Japanese earthquake of 2011 which included a tsunami as an early aftermath with implications which continue to present. The story is a sort of oil-well capping, extinguishing on a Godzilla scale by a fictional, dropped device as a warning of the inherent dangers of nuclear energy.

    The Lady Pafia

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Knowing that this is a thought on many minds these days on what to do about the Fukushima disaster and it is a disaster, this perspective has been listed as a possibility. It has a thoughtful perspective in the descriptive words presented. Wrong or right – it does give us realization that something must be done. Great writing and word descriptions.

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