Starry, starry write: a poem from Diane Cresswell


We are down to posting just four or five more entries before we select our finalists, and why am I still surprised to see that many of you have chosen poetry to fulfill the contest requirements: write about Lost Love? This contest has been a lotta fun for me to post your imaginative entries. We will have a mystery trophy at the end, and don’t forget the winner also gets a Kindle.

Here is an excerpt from the email that Diane sent me to accompany this entry:

“The muse grabbed me this morning by the nose hairs and told me I had to write this.  I’m not a poet which I explained loudly to her.  However I have dabbled in it for fun.  So here it goes – I am not a poet and I know there will be some who will probably be offended at my endeavors in writing poetry due to technical procedures on how to.  Not my monkey.  I’m tossing this in for the fun of it and to float the boat of the contest.  I’m only interested in seeing reactions and honest critiques of the endeavor.  Has to be a first time for everything which signifies the contest – Love and love lost – must have a first in order to know the second.  In fact, in reality – I was listening to a song this morning and it drew my attention.  I checked on what and who – Enya – Paint the Sky with Stars.  And so it began.”

Paint the Sky with Stars

by  Diane Cresswell


its amazing when Love walks in

there is a fire that lights up the sky

when love burns itself out

it leaves the soul ready to die


does Love no longer exist

where does it go when the heart it leaves

when it can no longer be recovered

gone within, gone… and the body grieves


I’d like to think that love has not gone

away from the heart and soul of us

it has a place to go in memories

flow like stardust instead of plain ol’ dust


our lives cannot be full without love

residing with the framework of heartspace

stars shine brightly within reflecting

that outward flies mirroring it in heart and face


love begins new, rages like a storm

fires of passion fills spaces between you and i

in time it mellows but the flame still burns

until at last the smoke dissipates to the sky


sometimes love lasts a long long time

with two souls harbored in the hearts of each

for some it is a lightning flash, a moment

insightful of possibilities then gone out of reach


love has many facets in its repertoire

of memories floating like stars on black velvet

each experience has its own impact

upon the heart… don’t forget or regret


I believe every moment that love walks

in our hearts no matter what it takes form of

we live fully, breathe deeply, passionately,

tenderly, caringly, alive on wings of a dove


yet love and hatred walk hand in hand

one is positive the other is negative

each is part of the same coin

each plays a part – emotions of take and give


when love leaves or is lost with another

the scene shifts, emotions rise, the mind is sorrowed

from the release of love’s arms, dropping deeply

forgetting the promise made to love is… borrowed


I don’t think love is lost only put into a jar of hearts

ready to be released again and again its magical ride

bringing forth the fullness of passion love’s potion

releasing the shining star within that no longer can hide


I send love upward and outward at its close

I see love not as something ephemeral as cars

as I know it will come again and again

that is why I paint the sky with stars






6 thoughts on “Starry, starry write: a poem from Diane Cresswell

  1. Miryam says:

    Diane, I am so glad to hear how you just threw your second thoughts to the wind and wrote a wonderful poem!! I did the same recently and found it a fun challenge…mainly because, I don’t write poems normally and don’t consider myself a “poet” (although I love to read poetry, seldom have I penned any). A good encouragement for us all to jump out of our self made boxes and explore different genre’s…..
    A beautiful account of love …. I especially like your word picture,
    “I don’t think love is lost only put into a jar of hearts”

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Thank you Miryam. So glad I’m not alone in jumping outside of our safety zone. The song really set the tone.

  3. Kyle Katz says:

    It is amazing when love walks in. I loved this when I first heard it. Everything has a heartbeat, even when you can’t hear it. Indeed every moment… love walks. thank you for this beautiful reminder. Perfect song Diane. Funny how love shows up or maybe it was just unleashed from that magic jar.

  4. Michael Stang says:

    For someone not practiced at the craft, the writing encircles the meaning of the words, caressing core ideals, and gives shafts of light on the unexpected.
    You’ll get your wings for this.

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    Thank you – you caught the intent. Knew you would!! Wings??? Well have to wait and see if they develop. Teehee!!

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