Sometimes y’a just gotta bring it back…

We’ve talked about this a hundred times and it’s time we did it. Some stories get started and then disappear for a while. (They’re like dust bunnies under your bed – they never go away.) But this one’s special for more reasons than I can count and it needs to be resurrected and finished. I know out there somewhere the first part of the story is stored on some dusty hard drive – so dig it out and let’s get it going again.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, just read this and then we’ll figure out how to post the first five chapters someday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not part of a Non-Competition or Competition or anything like that. It’s a cooperative effort that began a couple of years ago between a few of us (….fill in the blank….) writers here at AWwYP.

UPDATE – The names have been changed to protect!


The Tales of Darla Whisper

Chapter 6


“Isn’t there anything we can do to save him, Doc?” Miss Lilly cried.

“Well, hang on there for just a minute, Missy,” Doc said, looking up at the ceiling and scratching his chin. “Seems to me I remember you have a special talent that’s made you famous in Men’s Clubs from here to San Diego.” Miss Lilly looked at Doc and blushed. “It’s his only chance, Miss Lilly. He’ll die if you don’t use that talent to save Rowdy. That bullet’s lodged down inside his brain and he cain’t live ‘til Granny gets here to dig it out. I’m too old to try it or he’d prob’ly end up with a lobotomy. You know what you gotta do, girl. Now get to it.”

Miss Lilly looked around the room and saw Charlie and Johnny Boy standing together near the door. “You two get outta here. You don’t need to see this,” she said, waving them away. The two cowpokes stood their ground.

“Forget them,” Doc hollered, “Get to it, girl. Rowdy’s dyin’ and there’s nothin’ I can do about it, but you can. Now git to work, dammit!”

Miss Lilly looked up, red faced, at Doc and then, without further consideration for her reputation, she opened her mouth, gently placed her pouting lips on Rowdy’s forehead and began to suck on the hole made by the bullet form Darla’s derringer.

“You’re goin’ to have to do better than that”, Doc hollered, hopping from one foot to the other and spanking himself on the butt. “Now git to work and do it like you used to.”

Miss Lilly raised her head and exhaled forcefully, then looked down at Rowdy’s pale, blood soaked face. “I’m all you got Rowdy. This is for you,” she whimpered. Miss Lilly opened her mouth wide and formed her lips into a perfect circle then lowered herself slowly toward the bullet wound. She locked her lips onto Rowdy’s scalp and began to suck on the hole. Feeling no return for her efforts, she moved her tongue back toward her throat and sucked harder. Still nothing. Miss Lilly raised her head and looked at Doc.

“Dammit, girl, don’t stop now! Give him the works!”Doc hollered, still hopping and spanking himself.

Miss Lilly slapped her lips onto Rowdy’s forehead with reckless abandon, sucking and groaning, twisting her tongue around the hole in the front of his skull. Feeling a little blood return for her efforts, She began to suck harder and faster.

Charlie and Johnny Boy stood quivering in their boots near the door. Charlie’s eyes were popped out of his head as he watched and Johnny Boy’s mouth hung open, saliva drooling out onto his shirt. Both were pale and hyperventilating, quiverring in their boots.

“His pulse is down to 24, Miss Lilly,” Doc hollered. “Get it done!”

Miss Lilly repositioned her lips on Rowdy’s head and sucked so hard the flesh on her chest sunk in between her ribs. Her face was glowing red and her feet flapped in the air like a buzzard’s wings. Suddenly Miss Lilly pulled her face away. Her face was pale with red splotches. A stream of blood poured from her left nostril and clear fluid oozed from her right ear and dripped off the lobe. She turned and looked at Charlie and Johnny Boy, both soaked with sweat, arms around each other, and every drop of blood had drained into their feet.

Doc had a somber expression on his face. “Well?” he said.

Miss Lilly slowly smiled, then her lips parted. Between her front teeth was the slug from Darla’s derringer. She leaned, opened her teeth and dropped the slug into the metal pan that contained the medical instruments Doc had used to probe the injury.

“Pulse is normal,” Doc hollered, stuffing the corner of Rowdy’s red bandana into the gaping hole in his forehead.

Rowdy’s eye lids fluttered and then opened. “What the hell happened,” he whispered.

Charlie and Johnny Boy ran to Rowdy’s side and knelt down.

“Boss!” Charlie hollered. “We were so worried about you. Now you’re gonna be ok.”

“I was prayin’ for you, Boss,” Johnny Boy lied. “I was afraid you would die. I got your rope and brandin’ iron down in the saloon. That bitch shot y’a before I could get it up here to you.”

“Liar, liar, pants on fire,” Charlie sang, brushing the index finger of his right hand across his left index finger that pointed at Johnny Boy.

“You little son’s a bitches,” Rowdy mumbled as he struggled to his feet. “You lyin’ little son’s a bitches!” he repeated walking toward his cowhands with his fists doubled up.

Gasping for air, Charlie and Johnny Boy turned and struggled to be the first through the swinging saloon doors before Rowdy caught them. But Rowdy wasn’t after them. He wanted Darla, and he wanted her bad, and he knew just where to find her.

“She’ll pay for this,” he yelled, his boots raising dust off the saloon floor as he stomped toward the street.

“Rowdy, don’t go!” Miss Lilly cried. “You’re not well. Stay with me. I’ll take good care of you.”

Rowdy looked back at Miss Lilly then walked to her, put one arm behind her waist and bent her back. Then he kissed her like he didn’t even know her. Her long, red hair brushed the floor and her ample breasts heaved against Rowdy’s chest as he breathed his love into her. He propped her up against the wall, blew her a kiss, then he bolted out the front door of the saloon. Without putting his boot in the stirrup, he slung himself up in the saddle, and rode full speed all the way to the abandoned mine just outside town. Just as he suspected, Darla’s horse was tied to a mesquite tree at the entry to the cave.

Walking into the mine, Rowdy brailed his way through the darkness, back toward the big room where torches leaned from the wall and illuminated Darla’s was spread across the four-poster bed like honey on a hot biscuit.

“You’ve always been one for rough foreplay,” he grinned, rubbing his hand across his forehead.

“And you’ve always been known for your roughness too,” Darla hissed. “Saddle up, cowboy,” she said, reaching her arms out to gather him up.

“I’ve always liked the way me and you did it. You know, like the old days. Kinda like Tina Turner singin’ PROUD MARY.”

“Who,” Darla said.

“Nevermind,” Rowdy said. “But I always remembered how we tore up a room like a couple of badgers in heat.”

“Rowdy,” Darla grinned and blushed. “That was years ago. We’re not that young anymore.”

“Cowboy sex?” he grinned. A beam of firelight bounced off his white teeth and illuminated Darla’s clevage.

“Up to you, cowboy.”

Rowdy shimmied out of his laundry, stood on top of the dresser then dove spread eagle on top of Darla.

Suddenly, an altogether too familiar voice rang through the mine and echoed off the walls. Bolders shook loose and crash to the floor of the mine. Rattle snakes, scorpions and gila monsters scurried for cover. Rowdy went limp and he thought his head would explode. “Rowdy, git your clothes on and get away from that hussy,” Granny yelled. “You’re goin’ straight to hell if you don’t chang your ways, boy.”

“You leave him alone,” Darla shouted. “He’s mine now.”

Granny leaned into Darla’s face. “I got that rooster out there in a cage on my wagon,” she hissed. “You wanna talk to him about that?”

“I guess I better not. I’m alergic to feathers,” Darla lied.

“Just what I thought,” Granny said. “All talk.” Granny picked up Rowdy’s laundry off the cave floor and reached across the king sized bed. Grabbing Rowdy by his boys, she gave them a quick twist to the right. “You’re goin’ home with me, boy. You ain’t spendin’ no more time with that skank.”

“Who you calling a SKANK, old woman?” Darla yelled.

Granny looked at Darla and grinned, then pointed toward the mine entrance. “Uh, rooster? You wanna discuss that with my rooster, darlin’.”

“Uh. I guss not,” Darla said.

“What I thought,” Granny said, turning and stomping toward the mine entrance. Still holding a firm grip on his boys, she pulled Rowdy behind her, “And we’re gonna wash away ALL your sins this time,” she said. Rowdy hopped and skipped and flailed his arms out to his side to keep up with her. Then he stumped his toe on a rock and hopped on one foot the rest of the way to the mine entrance.

A whisper rose from the other side of the mine, “Dang it, Johnny Boy,” Charlie said. “That old woman always ruins our fun. Took us ten minutes to get in here and get good place to hide and watch. Now she’s gone and ruined our fun.”

“Shoot, Charlie!” We never get to have any fun anymore. It’s just work, work, work and that’s all we do anymore.”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” Miss Lilly shushed them from her hiding place across the mine.




16 thoughts on “Sometimes y’a just gotta bring it back…

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    OMG sooooooooo glad you changed the names…innocent? I don’t think so!!!! And they rise from the ashes. Are we to contribute to this story? Oh lordy I’m laughing….

    • Glclark says:

      Well, Mike made me change the names. His agent called my agent and they worked out a great deal that made everyone happy.
      I’m not sure how we should proceed with the story. I think we need to work it out in private contact (e-mail) and then, like we talked before, we’ll make Thorn publish it when it’s finished.
      BTW – where the hell’s Casper? Somebody tell him he needs to defend his honor.

      • KYLE Katz says:

        Darla is not putting up with anyone’s shit…can she say that n this site? Hell, she’ll shoot Stang again, just enough so he has to hobble back to the ranch for nurturing… or whatever they call it theses days.

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        already did – they’re in the back forty – barn a total loss – dang it Granny – told her the moonshine was way to high in alcohol content…but then she lit up that pipe of her’s and well we all know now what happened to the barn!!!!

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    You’re a wild bunch of adult–like creatures. Diane really sparks that kind of madness in many who have come in contact with her. Throw a little granny into the mix…Someone is going to get shot or stripped naked during the brawl. Shameless plug…But I wouldn’t do it if It wrent true. Read WAR ON BIRDSTREET, by Gary Clark. I’m reading it now. A page turner.

    • Glclark says:

      Love you for more reasons than I can count, Ms. Katz. And the shameless plug for War on Bird Street just made you top of the heap! Please continue to spread the word of War on Bird Street and PLEEZE write a review on when you finish it. Don’t matter if it’s a one star or a five star review – I need reviews.
      The thought of Diane and Granny in the same room brings terror and disorder to my mind. Throw that damn rooster into the mix and it just gets better. I say we try that someday.

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