Something to wine about: A new contest!


It’s amazing that A Word with You Press has aged TEN YEARS and I have not. Time to tap the barrel!

Editor-in-chief with the Towers that are A Word with You Press towering behind him as towers are apt to do–this one in Ceske Budejovice

Ten years ago we launched this website with a contest.  “Tell us a story, anything at all,” we said, “but tie it back to a cup of coffee.” We offered a prize and to post your stories on line and promised to publish in hard copy the best 100, which became The Coffeeshop Chronicles: Oh the Places I have Bean.

Ahhh! My drug of choice!

Of course, none of the stories had anything to do with coffee (You knew that).  They had to do with events that unfolded in coffee shops or while drinking the magic brew.

Our next contest is about a totally different brew!

                  Something to wine about

Uncork your story.

Sitting on a balcony in Malibu or Cinque Terre over looking the Pacific or Mediterranean and suddenly realizing you were in love with the waiter/waitress?  An epiphany liberated by libation? (As Leonard Cohen calls it “a visionary flood of alcohol”). Confessions given or heard in the dark corner of a wine bar? The most memorable toast you ever heard, maybe at your marriage or divorce? Stomping grapes in a vat in Italy? A Sonoma fire that destroyed  the legacy of four generations of growers? A wine inspired comedy or the tragedy of dealing with alcoholism, either your own or someone else’s? An affair you had with a cooper who thought he had you over a barrel? (Ooohhh, how I love a double entendre!) Tramping through the vineyards where the grapes of wrath are stored?

What?  No story?  Make one up!  But tie it back to wine.

Up to 1,000 words. Ten bucks entry fee for each submission. You are giving us consent to post your story, and one-time permission to publish your words as hard copy and ebook, after which the rights revert back to you. The usual stuff.  The best  stories will be published in a hard-copy anthology, and each author who submits will get a copy, in time for the Seventh Annual Writers’ Reunion to be held at the ranch of Victor Villasenor in Oceanside, California, MAY 23, 2020 where we’ll announce  the winer–OOPS!  Winner!

We will send the winner a gift certificate to the vinoteka of their choice for 100 USD/ 91 Euros/78 Pounds Sterling/2,319 Czech Korunas or 30,320 forints.  So let us know your fav.

Contest deadline is April 2, 2020.  Details and how to submit here:

So what’s in your barrel?



2 thoughts on “Something to wine about: A new contest!

  1. Kristine Grant says:

    No sour grapes if you didn’t win last time… Lets have some fun! And btw, check out my revised book on Amazon: RELATIONSHIFT. How to Write the Words you Really Want to Say by Kristine Grant.

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