Some NOVEL Ideas!



Until then, of course.

To whet your appetites until the next contest, let’s talk briefly about something I know we all think about but have talked about very rarely as of late on this site:


Specifically yours.

You know, the one you promised you’d edit.

The one you promised you’d find an agent for.

The one you promised you’d finish.

The one you promised you’d start.

You can picture yourself all you want at those book signings. You can dream about the exponential growth of your bank account. You can run around and tell people all you want that you’re a write while you demand a free refill after sitting at Starbucks for six hours (I’m sorry about the bitter barista; I’ll put her back in her corner with her non-caramel Caramel Macchiato where she belongs).

That novel won’t be born until you lay down on the page and bring it to life.

The Punster-in-Chief has been wandering around the wilderness of the ‘net and to help us aspiring novelists, he’s found an article that can at least help midwife our stories. So if you’re having a little trouble with that novel or just need a little inspiration, have a gander at what Thorn has found:

So You Want to Be a Writer?

We’ll be posting more helpful posts and articles to help push you along! In the meantime, what do YOU guys think is good advice for aspiring novelists? Post and debate below!!!

Pearl Madeline Whitney (main character of my novel “In Spirit”) born on October 29th, 2015 at 2:22AM. Three years of labor. And already sporting tattoos from major players in the paranormal field.

3 thoughts on “Some NOVEL Ideas!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    My predecessor, Madame Parisianne, wrote 12 full novels & at least 5 partial. None were ever published in full. Her writer’s block was her autobiography & mine, a biography-past life-autobiography.

    Find the core of the self you love. Overcome your fears. Your publisher will arrive later as will your chapters, edited & submissible. Ask: What & why do I absolutely need to write this for others to read? Most novels lose money, fame is fleeting, art is suffering, but an artist of words writes what they must.

    Lady Pafia Marigold

  2. Michael Casper says:

    Write your book in your dreams, in your everyday thoughts, in your quiet times. I write little snippets of ideas in my phone’s note app, then transfer those to my book. Sometimes they fit, sometimes not, but they almost always lead to furthering the storyline.

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