So long, Mary-Ann. It’s time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and…

Laugh about it all again.

For all you Brit Lits, quick wits, and misfits.

Our brother across the pond (that would be Derek Thompson) has decided that our uppers are not quite stiff enough, and is giving our contest You Didn’t Write That more than lip service.  (Which is good because my lips have not been serviced in a while)

You still have a few days to enter the contest yourself, to help beat back the British invasion (well, actually just Derek and Jack Horne) and see that the cup remains  in The Americas.

Here is Derek’s historical tome to The Boston Tea Party, which apparently is brewing something steep in this year’s election cycle.


The Party’s Over

by Sir Derek Thompson


“Say what you like about Mary-Ann, she knew how to party,” Carrie raised her glass. The friends around her shuffled a little and edged away to private conversations.

“Didn’t you two both fall in love with the same guy?”

She turned to see a stranger – round glasses and hunched shoulders. A reporter, had to be.

“Who do you work for?” her eyes glimmered malevolently, or it may have been the reflection of the wine.

He flashed a card and she caught the word ‘Private Detective’. Not a reporter then, but a lower form of life.

“I don’t suppose I could have a minute or two of your time. Tomorrow, maybe, when you’re not so…”

“Tired and emotional?” she laughed, sloshing her wine over the rim like a blood offering to the floor.

He was still waiting.

“You ought to have heard my eulogy, sonny,” she sniffed, gulping down enough wine to fuel her next sentence. “And you ought to get your facts right. It was the guy and me both falling for Mary-Ann. And she fell for both of us.”

“You didn’t write that?” his eyes retreated behind the glass.

“I didn’t have to,” she smacked her lips. “Everyone knows my room was next to theirs on their honeymoon. Still is, as a matter of fact.”

Derek Thompson is about to be cannonized

11 thoughts on “So long, Mary-Ann. It’s time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and…

  1. KYLE says:

    I’m blushing! You have always had an ease about your writing style that the reader wants to sit on the sofa and gather around the fire, no matter what the subject. How is Stars and Stripes Coming along? I still remember parts you were editing. I have missed you and hope all is well in your world.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks, Kyle. My writing style? I make it all up! I love the idea of folks gathering round a fire for a menage a trois story. Scars & Stripes is being licked into shape day by day.

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Its sooooooooo good to read your words again Sir D.  Missed you and those frolicking ‘take the mickey’ out of you stories.  Alas fair Derek you have done so well again…

    • Derek says:

      Like the knights of old, I’ve been away on a quest – still am, as a matter of fact. Editing S&S aside, I’ve been prepping fantasy Covenant for self-pubbing through Lightning Source. Expect an announcement and shamelessly joyous promotion later this month!

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