Simply having a WONDERFUL Christmas time!

sully castle(seen here is the family castle, Sully Sur Loire…location perhaps of 2015 writers’ retreat?)




Good Evening from the towers that are  A Word with you Press in Moscow, the land of the double entundra.

I have had a very gratifying few days watching everyone post their congratulations to the winner of The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest, Kristy Webster. We done good, and we done Peggy proud.

The crew that brings you this website consists of Moi, Derek Thompson, Diana Diehl, Morgan Sully(mon fil!), Gary Clark (when he is not throwing the bull), and Billy Holder (when he is not throwing up). All of us wish you a merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the happiest of New Years.

We are going to take a break on posting until January 15th, at which point we will announce a new contest, and have additional offerings on our site to serve your needs and make a few bucks for us. To this point in our history we have been publishers, but have never represented ourselves as marketers and distributors of the books we have published.

We intend to change that  in 2014 and become a full service publisher, offering packages to authors that include editing, prooofing, cover and interior design, illustrating, marketing and distribution.

At our home base here in Moscow, we will conduct regular writers’ meet-up groups, book reads, publishing workshops, and, this summer, a writers’ retreat. We will add other features to our site as well, including ‘how-tos’ book reviews, and interviews.

We will remain an inter-active website and we hope that our corps participants will not only stay with us, but help us grow. This will be the year that we take the hill, and I hope you will join us.

Tis a dark and stormy night, here in Moscow!  Thunder and lightning! I hope all of you are cozied up with ones that you love or intend to love, or could love given the right circumstances, maybe reading a book under the covers by flashlight when the power goes out?

Please use the comment box below to post your own special Christmas wishes to one another. For me, just happy to be a thornament in your tree.  Our common, unspoken bond on this site is the belief in the power and beauty of the written word, that transforms not only the reader, but the writer.

Merry Christmas!



9 thoughts on “Simply having a WONDERFUL Christmas time!

  1. barbkeeling says:

    To one and all A Very Happy Holiday. I can not tell you how thrilled I was to come play in your yard at the Peggy Contest. You indeed welcomed this “new kid on the block” and made her feel comfortable and not out of place in this sea of talent. May the New Year bring on a flood of more ceative-ness and the joys that life can bring. Look forward to the adventures of 2014. Happy Hugs, barb keeling

  2. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Sharon and I wish all the AWWYP friends a Merry Happy Christmas! I wish wonderful things in 2014 for Thorn, all the crew, and all the contributing writers. May you find peace and joy and fill your notebooks with poems and stories. I feel that I am part of a wonderful family here in the company of sisters and brothers whose writings bring me so much pleasure. God bless us everyone!

  3. Dante M Puccetti US Army Ret says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. To Thorn- have a Hoppy New Year -your the pun mister, el punerino, Sir Pun-a-lot, the puntificator, you get the drift- miss your twisted mind.

  4. Parisianne Modert says:

    Happy Christmas to all of you which is the English part of me. Jolly good and all without a lift in my home, but two sweet people moving in and one to be paying visits. Tea time for four perhaps rather than one. Do stay in touch about all your ambitions. God save the queen and may the sun never set on A Word With You Press. Tah tah.

  5. Michael Stang says:

    May this hoiday season bring each and every one of you your fondest dreams come true. You are the writing family I never had, and if there is any doubt about the family part of that, this most recent contest should have melted your hearts. I am constantly amazed and continually impressed by Thorn Sully and the staff at A Word With You Press. They stand apart from any other site out there; I wish I could bring the world in. It is now Christmas Eve in my neck of the woods. I raise my tinkling glass to you all.

  6. Laura G says:

    And Happy Chanukah (which started this year on Thanksgiving) and Happy Solstice to you all…from the Unitarian / Buddhist / pagan in the bunch…

  7. Michael Stang says:

    Hmm… our family must be with their families. Not an uncertain thing, given the holidays. So I will make my new year’s best wishes to the open window of cyber-space and trust you all a safe, wonderful night full of everything you wish it will be.
    Happy New Year!

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