Sheri Strobaugh caps entry #14


So glad to see so many of our originals returning for this contest.  Welcome back all of you!  And Welcome back Sheri!

This is the kind of story I love to hear, especially around Christmas time.


Granddaddy’s Cap

by Sheri Strobaugh


My granddaddy was such a funny, smart and incredible soul.  He had a lot of Scottish in him so dancing a jig here and there was very common. With is fair skin, getting a tan wasn’t part of his repertoire.

He was bald ever since I can remember him and always old.  But he was a handsome man, reminded me of Bing Crosby.  Same striking light blue eyes with a prominent nose.  When he sang, it brought me right back to reality!  He couldn’t carry a tune but that wouldn’t stop him.  He caused many belly laughs as I grew up.

He always sported a cap protecting his head from the California sunshine.  His favorite was a gray, lightly plaid in soft white stitches.  My grandparents lived close by and always rang the doorbell when arriving.  I would beat my brothers to the door most of the time. I think I was more excited about their visits.

There he was, my granddaddy, so tall and handsome. He would pick me up and put his favorite cap on top of my mess of curls.  It smelled like manly cologne.

I walked them into the living room where my parents were sitting and my mom would shake her head with a smile.

When my granddaddy passed away at age 85, my mom gave me his cap. It meant the world to me.  I wear it to this day, especially when I feel the need love and support from my guardian angel who is watching over me.

9 thoughts on “Sheri Strobaugh caps entry #14

  1. says:

    Thanks for sharing such sweet memories with us Sheri. Your grand-daddy sounds like he was a real special guy. May we all emanate such kindness.

  2. Tiffany V says:

    I love the nostalgia of the description you made of yourself (the curls). To a lesser soul, it would seem a less important line, but it makes your love that much more tangible than just the memories.

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