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Hello all, from paradise, aka the Towers that are A Word with You Press in the heart of Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, two hours from Prague.  I do hope this finds you safe in these uncertain times.

I just released Fire in the Belly: How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion.






While isolating with my beloved in our loft this winter in Ceske Budejovice, I was able to flame broil a project long simmering on my back burner, resulting in Fire in the Belly: How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion. Let me prove to you that you have grossly underestimated your ability to write a compelling novel, story, or memoir.

Let me torch your doubts.


What You Get in the Book🔥

Whether you are a seasoned writer or just testing the waters, Fire in the Belly can crank your work up a notch.

Fire burns 12 lessons to warm you up for that first date with your muse. Following the lessons are assignments to help you turn up heat, and you’ll have the option to fan the flames by enrolling in an online course based on the chapters. I’ve made the e-book available for half what you’d pay for a frappe-latte double pumped drizzled Starbucks concoction: $2.99.

And the e-book won’t make you fat or jittery.

Make Jeff Bezos richer, me a busy editor, and yourself a better writer: buy the book. (And  please, post a review on Amazon.)


Can You Help Spread the Word?

I’m rustling up the help of family, friends and kindred spirits (writers!) to see that Fire in the Belly reaches the widest audience. Can you join the posse?

Garnering 25 immediate reviews launches a different algorithm on Amazon, propelling me to reach a larger readership. I don’t expect to retire on the royalties from a book that sells for three bucks, but Fire in the Belly just might be the kick in the ass someone needs to change their life, and start writing their story, discovering the truth in Maya Angelou’s words: There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Please buy a copy of the ebook for $2.99, and write a review on Amazon.    Alternatively, go to my page on Facebook and “like” the post announcing the sale of the book, and please share the post.  Any assist you can give this project will help me save the world!


Thanks for your help with this. Let me know how you are doing.

Stay hot, safe and loving,


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Reviews on Amazon are coming in.  Here’s the start:

From the United States


Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2021


In my years as an airline pilot, I always loved having people visit my office … the cockpit … before departing on a flight. I became attuned to the revealing language used by those visitors who exhibited a fascination for flying themselves. Some used the words “I always wanted to be a pilot …,” and the next word was always “but…” Those people never became pilots.

The people I enjoyed were the fired-up individuals who proclaimed: “I am a pilot,” especially the ones who only had 27 hours of experience. They had told the universe where they were going, and did not let the “buts” get in the way of letting the “how’s” emerge as they would.

When I first met Thornton Sully at a writer’s conference, I witnessed a very alive, spontaneous individual who derived great energy from encouraging, learning from, and celebrating people who, by virtue of being at such a gathering, had declared: “I am a writer.”

Following his own longtime counsel that there is no substitute for placing your butt in the seat and putting pen to paper, Thorn wisely took COVID isolation as an opportunity to craft his refreshingly brief but potent book, “Fire In The Belly.”

As with the challenges of COVID, he presented us with the choice of either surrendering to fear, or to letting the gray matter’s creative cats loose to nibble on the forearm of the world with our unique yet universal stories. (Should I cower in the hangar, or use my judgment and abilities to fly safely and navigate around the threats of the day?)

This valuable book augments the essentials of successful writing with a significant toolbox of ideas and techniques that keep the storyteller out of the way of the story. While explaining the role of the editor in providing clarity of message, Thorn invites us to be true listeners and recipients of honest feedback, to help us better translate our life experiences into masterpiece sentences that reflect our vision. The world beckons our authenticity, and there are proven ways to convey that in a way that entices the reader to ask for more.

The combination of exercises presented in each chapter, with the option of enlisting his services as an editor, offers the reader/writer a wide range of options in becoming a better writer and enjoying the fruits that follow.

Thank you Thorn for letting us stand next to your fire.




Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2021

Since first meeting Thorn over a decade ago, his talent and inspiration have never failed to take my writing deeper. His creative insights and genuine encouragement have steered me to dig deeper and take risks. He has comprised a series of tools into his latest book, Fire in the Belly, which takes us by the hand and helps us to see what lies within. A true lover of souls and the art of writing, Thorn brings us valuable nudges which not only inspire, but lead us down a personal path of self discovery.
I would recommend this book for a writers group or to anyone with an appetite to go deeper, whatever their jonrah or experience. Thornton Sully provides the match, now strike it and let the fire begin.
Jonathen Tobias

Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2021

I purchased “Fire in the Belly” hoping to have exactly that. My belly is now ablaze. I found while reading through helpful tips and gentle reminders about the craft, and the lessons themselves are useful for those wishing to learn more about writing. Just as much, the lessons helped break my writer’s block down to a little splinter which I tossed into the fire in my belly.
Jana Kuplic

Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2021

Can’t wait for my naturally talented husband to add the structure and tips provided by this book, to his witty writing!

Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2021

We all need a laugh, inspiration and a gentle kick in the pants, and this book does it! Many writing guides are too long and abstract, but this is like a handy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for writers. You’ll find practical tools and fun prompts to get your creativity flowing again, or for the first time. Useful for all types of writers…seasoned, newbies, any genre. Great for wannabes too, because the author helps you realize you’re already a writer at heart…Your stories can save the world, connect you to others, or just give you a whole lot of fun! His positive attitude and gentle guidance gives you confidence to trust your own voice. This book will help you RELISH writing and have FUN with your muse. Enjoy, and sign up for the hands on class too!

Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2021

I used to tell my CW students & other aspiring writers, “If you want your reader to celebrate what you’ve written uncritically, send it to your mother. If you want advice and a response to what you’re doing well or not so well, that’s what they pay me for.” Or in this instance, consider Thornton Sully’s handy and very readable little guide, “Fire in the Belly,” which offers advice and valuable lessons on writing your novel with “purpose and passion.” Sully writes with verve and humor throughout. He performs as savvy editor and smart friend. His writing exercises and examples are practical, and his voice personable. You probably won’t agree with everything he advises in the course of the 12 lessons and 145 pages, but that’s okay, that’s as it should be.
Ron McFarland

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2021

Fire in the Belly has such useful stuff, I mean just the important stuff, no more, no less. Thornton Sully is a writer/editor in that sweet spot of life and career where he doesn’t have to work too hard to be genius and funny. He’s already got the chops. An effortless read. I particularly like that he walks a writer through the different spaces to figure out where they are authentically coming from. Light-hearted, lots of fun word-play and ‘ka-ching’ truthful.
Lucien Zell

Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021

If you want to be a Writer of Fire, start by being a Reader of Fire. Seriously, get this!!! If you want ONE book on editing—this is it! In “Fire in the Belly”, Thornton Sully generously illuminates details of textual refinement in a concise volume that no aspiring writer should go without. Zooming in on exceptional tips to improve attribution in dialogue then zooming out to vaster topics like finding your true purpose as an author, Sully consistently offers sound, tangible, and useful advice (peppered with razor-sharp anecdotes and quotes along the way). And though Sully approaches the subject with the hefty experience of a salty professional, a reader of “Fire” never feels condescended to. Rather, you’ll feel like you’ve found a warm and kind friend to walk the daunting trail of authorship right beside you. Pointing out both dangerous cliffs and stunning waterfalls, you’ll find this friend a truly invaluable companion. Don’t wait to take your first step towards Firewalking and Firewriting: order “Fire in the Belly” today.

From other countries

Derek Thompson
5.0 out of 5 stars A creative writing guide that liberates your prose

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 10, 2021

Full disclosure – I worked with Thornton Sully in the past on a project. Even so, I read his book objectively. It’s not just a how-to, it’s also a why-to. His inimitable passion and personality shine through the text, making it an enjoyable and instructive read. It’s also challenging – urging the writer to tap into the stories they’ve not yet been willing or able to tell. It’s an active read and the exercises he sets out will accelerate your writing.
mischka blank
5.0 out of 5 stars The one you’ve got to get

Reviewed in Germany on April 28, 2021

To know about the amount of self-help books for writers is as daunting as the knowledge that your work, on which you bestow so much love and effort, will probably end up on some editors’ slush pile. But if you had to choose a single one from all the how-to-write-a-bestseller books, let this be it: Thornton Sully is not only a gifted writer (and you’d be wise to add Almost Avalon to your order) but also an editor and writing coach.
As such, he knows both sides of the process that makes a book: the writers side and the editors side.
This book is full of little wisdoms and great advice that will help you in your literary endeavours. What makes this book unique among all the other creative writing books is that you can contact the author and get him to actively help you on your journey.
So skip your cafe latte today and buy this e-book today: it will do a much better job not only of keeping you awake but also of getting you published!