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A Moveable Feast

 Welcome to the Towers that are A Word with You Press!

Thornton Sully
I am the Editor-in-Chef, Thornton Sully. I’ll be your server; your table is waiting. May I suggest…


                                                                                                                    Prices in USD

Start out with our complimentary assessment. Send us 30 pages of your manuscript and we will give you our professional comments. Or, if you prefer, we’ll give you a half an hour of skype time.  Your choice!

                                                                                                                     On the House!

How about an rss feed? New subscribers get
Special discounts on selected menu items.


(Reservations are now being taken for editorial time blocks with award winning author and publisher Thornton Sully. We make fine food, not fast food. Plan to book six weeks in advance here.)


Following your appetizer we’ll read your fiction manuscript and provide a thorough written assessment focusing on story arc, character and plot development.

$2 per page

A-la-Carte *

Now, we’re cookin!

We’ll work with you back and forth on your project, trimming the fat, sautéing the sauce and brazing the beef. Fiction or non-fiction, we’ll prepare your manuscript for award-winning publication, as we have for so many others.

Single serving (one hour)                                                                                                                                          85

Slow simmer (20 hour block)                                                                                                                                1200


The proof is in the pudding!

We’ll proof read your manuscript,
and guarantee accuracy.                                                                     $2 per page


Lunch Special

Enjoy a manuscript assessment at regular price and receive a $250 discount on your first 20 hour block and 20% off of proof-reading.


Publishing Entrées

Working from his own kitchen, leading internet book marketing authority David Wogahn will format your edited and proof-read manuscript and guide you through the publishing process, helping you become your own publishing entity and retaining 100% of the royalties for your work. And for dessert, David is everything Ebook! Visit David at authorimprints.com for the complete array of services and pricing. Mention A Word with You Press and receive a complimentary copy of his must-have reference book Register Your Book, or buy it from our author page.

LEARN THE RIGHT WAY to set your book up for long-term success, improve sales opportunities, and protect your investment...
LEARN THE RIGHT WAY to set your book up for long-term success, improve sales opportunities, and protect your investment…

Feast your eyes!

A book cover should intrigue a reader—not tell the whole story. The absolute master of this art is our associate Teri Rider. Teri can create covers that will suck you in at first glance.

amatrr ss 3

Getting closer to going to press!

In addition to creating stand-out covers, Teri is an illustrator and book designer, and web builder. Follow your nose to see what she’s got cooking at teririder.com.

Writing to go

            Enter our on-line contests.  Get peer and professional
feedback with each entry, AND a chance to win trophies and prizes.

The House Special

For books that we personally edit and that meet our standards* we will authorize use of our imprint. This means our logo can be designed into your cover and copyright pages, all royalties remain the author’s. We will:

Interview the author

Post the interview on
our website

Review your book and post it
On our website

Provide a permanent place
for you at the table with our
other authors

List your book in our library,
with a “buy” link to Amazon

Promote you on our website
With our author’s spotlight feature

Set you up to blog directly from
your landing page, so that you can
develop your own platform and following.

                                                                                 Price:  $650


*books must be designed by either Teri Rider of David Wogahn, or under their direction. This is to insure that all our publications are of uniform quality.  All books must be professionally proof-read. You may chose to have us proof read or select your own proof reader, but it can’t be your sister-in-law who teaches English in high school. We refuse to publish anything that demeans any group of people based on perceived “otherness” and nothing that we judge to be bigoted or pornographic.  Just about anything else goes.


We will review your book before or after it is published, and target ten likely agents and send them a query letter, endorsement, and sample chapters according to their specification, and refer them directly to the author.

We will post a review on Amazon and Goodreads;

We will send, in co-ordination with David Wogahn,
advance copies to print media such as newspapers
for review.

Price TBD per project



A Word with You Press is a studly & garrulous purveyor of stories, a tenacious and independent publisher, a throwback to the tradition of editor-as-collaborator with authors, a finder of talent, a nurturer of soul confessions, warm and generous. Huzzah! Huzzah! May this website attract writers and readers to build a community of voices!
– Jonathan Freedman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author and speaker

For a complete list of clients and endorsements, just ask the chef! Send your request to the kitchen at thorn@awordwithyoupress.com

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