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Are you one of the many who think about writing, are sure that you have a story, but are intimidated by the task of beginning, thinking the entire prospect of creating a novel is overwhelming?

We (meaning me, the Editor-in-Chief) is offering a new professional service to get you started: Coaching.

It is quite simple and an inexpensive way to test the waters.

Send me a one page synopsis of your story, fiction or non-fiction, and you will get a personal response from me, and the first of four exercises to obliterate your writer’s block, for a total of five personalized interactions with a results-oriented professional. You will learn from an award winning editor how to write compelling dialog, master attribution (no more sleep-inducing he said, she replied )and how to infuse action into your narrative; how to intrigue your reader into turning pages, and how to use the beauty and power of the written word to express your thoughts in ways you may not have yet imagined.

After you get the first exercise, send me two or three pages more of your work as a separate word attachment, with “Coaching” in the subject line.

I will respond with comments, and send you #2 of the four exercises.  Complete the exercise, and send me another two pages…they do not have to be sequential.

I respond, as before, send exercise #3, and we repeat the process until you have completed all four exercises, sent me a synopsis and four samples of your work– enough for a very good start on chapter one of your novel or non-fiction work.  I will give you a consolidated edit of all you have sent me and some direction on how to proceed with my final missive to you, and you could be well on your way to authoring a complete manuscript.

Fee for this  service and being your personal editor is a modest $300 payable through Paypal to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com  All editing fees are paid in advance.  You should allow six to eight weeks for this process.  You often refer to “my doctor” or “my attorney” or “my mechanic.”  How cool to reference at the next bbq, wedding, poker night, kaffeeklatsch or bar mitzvah “my editor?”

Everybody needs an editor.

Even Hemingway had one! (Before the editor came on board, The Old Man and the Sea was 600 pages!)

Writing Ernestly in Idaho