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A Word with you Press is a full-service publishing house, dedicated to ensuring that manuscripts submitted to us reach their potential.  It starts with developmental editing, progresses to publication, and concludes with sharing the tasks of distribution with you, seeing you reach the broadest readership.


Manuscript Preparation



Proof Reading

Cover Design

Book Layout

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20 Page Review

We invite you to submit your first 20 pages of your work in any genre, including memoir for an assessment. Are you familiar with track changes?  We will provide running commentary in the margins of your document, suggesting changes, which we will return to you with an explanation of why the changes will enhance the quality of your manuscript.  We play to your strengths.

Submission Guidelines: 

Word Document (.doc or .docx)

20 Pages; Times New Roman; Font Size 12; Double Line Spacing

Your File should be no larger than a couple of MB and should contain no images

    Editing Services
    Pre Publishing
    Manuscript Review - $2.50 per page
    Editing - $1500 per 20 hours
    Emergency Editing - $95 per hour
    Emergency Consultation - $95 per hour
    Proofreading - $2.50 per page
    Manuscript Preparation Services
    Pre Publishing

    The below design costs are for the work carried out. Any additional charges for custom graphics or purchasing copyright images will be for the authors account.  We will discuss your individual needs before finalising a price. 

    Cover Design - $600
    Interior Book Design - $1.50 per page
    ISBN - $35
    Conversion to eBook
    On Request

    There are multiple advertisements for Ebook conversions starting as low as $75. Those conversions usually amount to a point and click operation on behalf of the vendor.

    Your most lucrative market may very well be digital, so great care must be given to designing your Ebook, and a cover that may appear the size of a postage stamp.  Your book will appear on multiple venues and devices; what looks perfect on one device may look cut-and-paste on another.  We experiment and come up with the best compromise that looks professional on the broadest assortment of devices. We can give a firm price for Ebook conversion once we have formatted your manuscript in hard copy. 

    You can expect to pay in the vicinity of $350 to have us tailor your manuscript for this exciting market.

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    If you opt for the Manuscript Review first, we’ll deduct half of what you have paid up to $300 on your first block of time. So, for example if you have paid $500 to read a 200 page manuscript, your first block of time will be $1500 less $250: $1250)