One of our lovely finalists kindly requests your audience once more! I seemed to have posted the entries a tad too quick and didn’t realize I was posting the wrong version! So with deep apologies and deeper thoughts and love, we humbly present the REAL version of:

How I Would Change the World.
Everyone could fly. Well, maybe not everyone. Just me. And my family. A couple close friends. Youthful, like Wendy and her Darling brothers holding hands, out the window and upward to view the world as only birds and God see it. 
But not every day.
Only when we’re about to die.
We’ll soar, free of pain and bad memories, toward a renewed existence, not caring what it brings, with the exhilaration we remember from our first roller coaster ride as we climbed then plummeted and climbed again.

Then it’s up to the clouds where we turn to mist and rain.

Don’t let the stars get in your eyes! WINNERS ANNOUNCED TOMORROW!!!


  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Cleaner, brighter and lyrical with better cadence than the other version. Otherwise my original comments apply. If I were to choose a winner from the three finalists, this would be my choice in that it is the only one with a positive, beautiful and hopeful note to it.

    The Lady Pafia

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