Scandal with a Handle

Literati! Unbelieveable!

Intern offers editor-in-chief a long screw–editor-in-chief reclines–OOPS!


We promised you a kuhl trophy for our current contest: In the Bowels of the Bowery, and here it is! ‘Tis an auger, at least seventy five years old, to help the winner of the contest ad a new twist to his/her endings!  Here model/intern Tanisha Ferrel suggests a new twist to my own ending. She’s got a good grip on the situation, and prepares to tell the editor-in-chief (that is moi behind those Foster Grants) how to use the auger, and what he can do to himself with it.

And how appropriate! (Not Tanisha’s advice–I hear that all the time!); but appropriate to our contest!   We have a foreign object that is not a gerble that has burrowed itself under the streets of New York.  We need your clever stories of how it got there and what to do with it to rectumfy the situation. Head back to the features and hang a left or simply click this link for details:

What should be spoken here, where our fate, Hid in an auger-hole, may rush and seize us?” (The Bard)

We burrowed–oops!–borrowed Tanisha from Celeste Bariear,  fashion diva, at Dr. Watson’s Steampunk Odditorium at 421 So. Coast Highway in the “Side” (aka Oceanside to the US Postal Service), where Tanisha works part time. I intend to double the size of my wardrobe by procuring a second pair of pants and jacket there.

Here Celeste smiles after she successfully upended Billy Holder, our new associate for internet marketing, whose legs can be seen as he tries to squirm his way out of a cauldron oil.  (Nice legs, Billy!)

You can find kuhl stuff at can find our kuhl intern at

Our tag line at The Word has always been “Publishers and Purveyors of Fine Stories. “We have found a kindred spirit at the Odditorium, whose tag line is  “Purveyors of Fine Garments and Odd Things.”

Our odd words at A Word with You Press, which you supply, are never out of fashion.

Start digging!  This could auger great things!





2 thoughts on “Scandal with a Handle

    • Thorn says:

       tis indeed a kuhl store.  I am already in for well over a hundred with the Barnes and Noble gift cards and the trophy.  Maybe another contest…

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