S.C. Barrus?! That (Steam) Punk?!


All ye faithful that have been with us from the very beginning…I want to pay you guys a special thanks. You’ve made my life so much fuller by your presence–online and out. My beginning years here at AWWYP are special to me and always will be because of you.

For those of you who are new…thank you for making this journey even MORE spectacular! Welcome and enjoy the ride!!!

And now, I want to introduce (or re-introduce) you to someone who was part of that very beginning.

S.C. Barrus was one of the hundred writers that was chosen for our very first anthology, The Coffee Shop Chronicles: Oh the Places I’ve Bean!, and now that he’s armed with caffeine, he wants to bring you along on the adventure that has been his writing career!

I will let Cody introduce himself (even though I sort of just did…), but something I am putting out there: I will have each of you know that he has not one novel to his name…not even two…don’t even think about three…


His two works, Discovering Aberration and The Gin Thief are available for purchase on Amazon and his two works-in-progress Grim Curio and Half-Price Hitman are well on their way to you guys!

Now without further ado, may I present to you:

S.C. Barrus!!!

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