The boys are back in town the boys are back in (London) town

Ruthie Joyce  Special Assistant to Wuss n Boots: Ruthie (created in Ireland, dragged up in England) had been doodling for quite some time when she encountered Wuss ‘n Boots in 1998. She was only 11, and she found them quite odd. They have been inseparable ever since, and now from her base in London Ruthie records the adventures and views of these two very British cats.

“The Boys are purrfect for this site.  Always loose scraps of filet mignon and Beluga roe floating aboutthe office for them to nosh upon, and of course, they have ME, Ruthie Joyce, to attend to their every need.  But I do sneal away at times and have a secret life.  Check it out under Our Team on the About menu on the home page.  And Did I mention, I am the daughter of one Mr. James Joyce, musician extraordinaire and Butch Cassidy to Thornton’s Sundance Kid?”

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