Roses and Chocolates and Thorns-Oh My! Our first contest of 2014


Announcing our first contest for 2014

A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story

Write a story about love–requited or not–400 to 500 words. Jerry Rubin once wrote that the word “love” has been devalued because “Cars love Shell.” Let’s bring back the word and make it mean something. Pour your heart out on this one, but somewhere in your story you must include the phrase: “but it was only a rumor.” Write it as if you intend for it to be read by one special person. Unless, of course, you are writing it to your favorite shotgun, pair of shoes, or four-legged creature. Story can be fiction or creative non-fiction, and, JUST THIS ONCE, poetry! If you opt for poetry, any length under 300 words.

And here is why you should enter:


The mystery judge that I promised you is famed relationship coach Kristine Rose Grant!  I have known Kristine (though not in the Biblical sense, damn!) for five or ten years, and from time to time she has contributed stories to our site.

Kristine is under contract with a major publisher to complete a book of anecdotes regarding one of her services: she composes letters intuitively a-la-Cyrano-de-Bergerac for clients who become frustrated explaining their feelings to the ones they love. Who better to judge your entries? (Kristine loves to be googled, by the way, or you can bypass all that foreplay and go straight to her website,  Any of you see the “Rose/Thorn” connection?  This contest has the potential to be the perfect schwarm!

And here is what you can win:

First Prize:

On Valentine’s Day (re-designated to be February 28th,) the editor-in-chief (moi) will send a dozen roses to the designate of your choice if you win, anywhere FTD delivers. And by snail mail a Valentine’s Day card that will include a printout of your story.

But wait! There’s more!

The winner will also receive any three books from our store, mailed to a single address. AND a trophy! (our store is still under construction and all our books, merchandise and services will be unveiled on February t28th) AND Kristine while write one letter on your behalf to the one you love, for which her fee is normally $150.  You call her, you talk, she asks, you answer, she writes.

Second prize:

A $10 gift card to See’s Candy, and any two books from our store sent to a single address

Third prize:

A $10 gift card to See’s Candy and any book from our store

Due to the short duration of this contest there will be no “finalists.”

Entries must be sent as a word attachment to no later than February 28th. Two entries per writer. No fee to enter if you are family–meaning you have entered three of our contests in the past. $10 entry fee to all others because I am running low on Sumatra and Sam Adams. Entry fees and unsolicited bribes and contributions by Paypal sent to Due to world-wide credit card scams and theft we are only accepting payment through Paypal or by checks made out to Thornton Sully, A Word with You Press, 310 East A Street, Suite B, Moscow, Idaho, 83843

By entering the contest you are assigning us one time rights for publication on line and, at our option, in print, and you consent to name your first-born after me. We ask that you post commentary on at least three of the other entries (that is why most people enter our contests–for the feedback).  No “you hit it out of the park” kind of comments. Give thoughtful feedback that lets the writer know if they were successful in conveying a message to you, the reader, and how their story made you think or feel. Lavish praise is fine, but back it with your own thoughts to keep it credible. We also ask that you share the link to this with all your friends and on all manner of social media several times during the contest. Think of it this way: We cooked the meal and set the table. Helping to promote the site is like volunteering to help with the dishes.

Good luck! There truly IS a rose for every thorn!


19 thoughts on “Roses and Chocolates and Thorns-Oh My! Our first contest of 2014

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Having already submitted my two entries (may be – fingers crossed on the one I favor more), I have to applaud the addition of poetry; although I didn’t see that one coming before entering. I pray poetic words set within lyrical verse will be as charming and the devil will be forgiven for any intrusion. I wonder if his heart turns to love on St. Valentine’s Day? Time will tell both in hell and heaven I suspect.

    Welcome Ms. Grant to a contest hopefully most worthy of love in its many rose petal blossoms. I imagine there will be still be mischief and humor, because a heart box full of Chocolate assortments generally likes to hold her mystery until she is bitten. Cupid doesn’t speak unless to his mother Aphrodite and she…well…the goddess of love has many stories to tell us.

  2. Glclark says:

    Congratulations and thanks to all, Diana, Derek, Morgan and what’s his name up in Moscow on the launch of the Rebuilt AWwYP. It’s good to have y’all back. Glad to see that poetry is being recognized. I got some doozies I’ve copied outta the Men’s room down at Cheater’s Bar. I’ll see if I can clean up The Old Hermit Named Dave and send ‘er in to the contest.

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  7. Parisianne Modert says:

    Well, we are quite on our way, however, I must inquire into the change to “Home Page” holding the latest five stories only format. I am sure all of you have your good reasons for this change in format. I am assuming that stories which have dropped off this home page can still be viewed through the use of “Search_________”. So far the stories have been excellent and a priviledge to read and critique.

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  10. tlrelf says:

    What a contest. . .and those prizes! An act of love. Yes, Thorn, I do believe Moscow has taught you what really matters. . .love, sweet love!

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