Rest in Peace, our Beloved Peggy Dobbs

I have to apologize to you all for having to be the one to break the news that our beloved Peggy Dobbs has passed away. As far as details, I only know what Thorn sent me. I hope more will be coming soon.

This is what he sent me……

I just got a call from Peggy’s granddaughter. Peggy passed on a few hours ago. I am literally on the road. Cant access AWwYP. Gary. Will you do the honors? Please explain she died swiftly and without forewarning or pain and that I cant post because I am driving and please put Alexandra leaving by Leonard Cohen as a video if you can. Immortality is being loved by many anonymous people according to freud. Peggy is immortal.



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  1. Thornton Sully says:

    I just got in of the road. Thank you gary for breaking the news to the rest of us. For those of you who don’t know the power of the written word to unite and inspire Let me say that of the first half a dozen calls that were made to announce the sad news Peggy’s family wanted to make sure that all of us were among the first to know. according to Peggy’s grand daughter, Peggy considered us family. and of all the accolades that I mayyet acquire during my lifetime none are as important to me as Peggy considering me another one of her sons it’s so ironic that today before I heard the news I was wondering what the cost of the flight would be to Alabama in order to have fried chicken at her table. Peggy radiated love and had that wonderful capacity not only to give but to receive. and I hope that all of you can take some comfort in knowing that we all enhanced the quality of her life in her final years. we especially helped her through the difficult last six months since Homer her husband died. she told me so in private emails which against my moremore frivoulous instincts I refused to”thorn”. a great woman has left us. who among us did not truly love her?

    • Stars Fall On My Heart says:

      “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”

      And the love that Homer and Peggy shared was one that even God didn’t wish to delay.

    • Jodi McDanal says:

      Dear Thorn,

      It’s Jodi here, the “Brown Sugar Pop-Tart” daughter, remember? You even felt sorry for me and published it in your book!!! Words cannot tell you how lost I am right now without my Mother here. I still feel as though it is a bad dream and I am going to wake up and she will be here, as usual. I still am not over the loss of Daddy and now I have lost my Mother. However, reading through your site and taking in all the wonderful things being said about her and she being with my sweet Daddy, has made me so proud of her and even though I am crying right now as I type this, I feel somewhat better. All of the comments about her being with him and Him have been a blessing.

      She absolutely adored you. It gave her such pleasure bantering back and forth with you and she would love to have met you in person. I truly just can’t believe she is gone. I want to thank you for all the advice and love you gave her. I know for a fact she appreciated it so much. Writing on your site brought her such pleasure!!!

      I am her daughter who is not ready to be old and want to move out west so bad. If that dream of mine ever comes true, I will certainly knock on your door and surprise you.


      Jodi McDanal

      • Michael Stang says:

        Jodi, not to take up your time, I just had to say listening to you talk to Thorn and Gary I can hear your mom’s way of saying things although through a younger mind, the crisp sharp natural intellect intact. Can’t tell you how much that does a body good. Good luck in your life (and the out-west adventure) you come from good hands.

      • Stars Fall On My Heart says:

        Jodi: I remember you!!! I remember when your story got posted! And I just re-read through it again.

        Your mother was an ocean of love. Beautiful and too vast for me to comprehend. And your story reminds me that you are made of the same waters <3

      • diana_SD says:

        Dear Jodi, I know you can make your Wild West dream come true. Keep working on it. In the mean time, write up some stories of you out having a Yee-ha! time in all the places you’ve dreamed of being. Your parents are gone. That is sad. All things in their proper time. The shock of parting will pass, the bittersweet of absence will become manageable, and, the proper time for your adventure will happen. I can see you riding the range now, saddle bags full of pop-tarts, lariat at the ready, with the most hi-falutin’ pair of cowboy boots that ever walked the range. Keep your memories close and your dreams fresh.

      • Michael Stang says:

        Dear Jodi, seems the apple has not fallen far from the tree. The way you write the things you feel I can hear Peggy again, and again, and again. We all know the phrase ‘God works in mysterious ways’. Well i’m thinking through all that you have gone through, he has brought you here to us. I for one would jump heart strings to read something you care to give us. That western horizon is rich and ready to back up your dreams. Peggy bops me on the head now and then, god bless her, she knows of your talent, and will be there to support. When my own mom passed over i had a spiritual reading by a truely wonderous soul. She explained to me through her tears of joy how Nan (my mom) was presenting me with gifts of life symbolized by a box of chocolates. Her message was whichever sweet i chose i had the energy of the universe behind me to make it so. So do we all. It’s all there waiting for us to open up to it. I feel your time is at hand.
        Hope you get to Texas, but lordy, lordy, lordy, stay far away from Cheater’s Bar. Gary Clark (that old wizard) will protect you well enough but it has never been reasonably explained what happens to him when he goes in there. LOL.
        Best of life

  2. FJDagg says:

    I can’t say how sorry I am to hear of Peggy’s passing. I take comfort, though, in knowing of her invincible faith. Sharing that faith, I’m confident that she is now joyfully reunited with Homer. Rest in peace, Peggy. You are loved and missed.


  3. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    She was one of the heartbeats of this site, a woman I enjoyed reading and considering a friend. She had all the qualities needed to be an excellent writer, but more importantly, she was kind with her praise of others’ works and one never doubted her sincerity for a second. She will be missed, but our loss I believe will be Homer’s and Heaven’s gain. Rest, Peggy, rest.

  4. Glclark says:

    I am posting this for Kyle Katz…… she is having issues with Disqus.

    Gary, I couldn’t post on the site. So I used my Facebook to let folks know about Peggy’s passing. I haven’t been able to sleep, the news has saddened me so. But she is home now…so I know her and Homer are happy. I thought of your story and just wondered if there was a knowingness. Some are asking for her address to send cards etc.

    This is where I sent her Cd of Leonard Cohen. I could post on my Facebook if you think it would be appropriate.

    Love Kyle

    Peggy R. Dobbs
    808 Inverness Cliffs
    B’ham., Al. 35242

    • Glclark says:

      You know, Kyle, as soon as I read that e-mail from Thorn, the first thing that popped in my head was, ‘she never commented on my pink snowflake story.’ Peggy always commented on my stories and I wondered why she didn’t this one. Maybe she DID know.

      But now I see her and Homer sitting in that booth in the back of Miss Ellie’s Diner, where they always belonged and wanted to be; TOGETHER!

      Don’t you just love the snow?

      • Jodi McDanal says:

        Gary, I’m daughter #3, Jodi, of Peggy and I just wanted to let you know that she thought you were just a “hoot”. I am a frustrated cowgirl living in Alabama and when I saw your picture one day with your cowboy hat on, I asked Mother about you. She spoke so highly of you and got a great kick out of things you would say. She knew that I would know who “Gary” was so she would sometimes tell me
        about things you wrote or talked about with her. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. IN FACT, I apologize that I can’t personally write each of you a note and tell you how much all of you meant to her and what she thought of each of you and your talents. I’ve heard all of your names mentioned at some time or other, but my brain just can’t think real well right now. PLEASE, PLEASE know that she loved all of you and I just wanted to thank all of you for bringing such joy to my Mother. God truly blessed me with wonderful parents.

        AGAIN, I can’t thank you all enough!

        ……and Gary, if I am able to make that dream of mine come true about moving to Utah, Wyoming, etc., etc., I will stop off in Texas and you can point me where to buy another pair of cowboy boots. A cowgirl can never have too many!!! Mother would always just shake her head at me like, “when are you going to grow up”.

        God bless you and everyone else on this wonderful writing post!


        Jodi McDanal
        6320 Hwy. 16
        Montevallo, AL 35115

        • Michael Stang says:

          Well, that’s about says it all. Thank you Jodi. Sorry for your loss, but you gotta know Peggy didn’t have the time to hang around. Love to you and hope you come back and visit whenever you want. Let us know how those new boots feel.

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    I’m sitting here in tears. This beautiful lady has left us meager humans to carry on without her. Yes Kyle she is home with Homer. I just checked in to see if I could contact Miss Peggy on the other side. For those that don’t know me, I can speak with those on the other side of the veil. The first thing I saw was a path lighted with candles – so beautiful. The next thing I knew Miss Peggy was standing there smilin’ big and Homer was there with her with his arm around her shoulder. She asked me why I was crying, telling me gently that I should know better. I explained that I was crying because I would have liked to have met her in the physical but at least we got to meet. She wants to wish all of you a big thank you for your support of her and her writing, for the crossing of Homer, along with her appreciation of all of our stories. Thorn she’s going to be watching over you. Oh and one more thing, she said its not Miss Peggy – its just Peggy. Everybody keep writing for that are her parting words. She and Homer are fine. I know all of us will miss Peggy’s words of support but I know she will be ‘reading’ them as we write. Thank you Peggy for your beautiful light and heart felt words.

    • Michael Stang says:

      Peggy was the first to welcome me to the site in a coment I will never forget. Since then we shared a relationship full of love, understanding, respect, and the grace of God. What a wonderous soul she was while on earth, a beacon of peace, a treasure of trust, we have all been blessed. Heaven just got updated. Homer’s girl Peggy and Peggy’s boy Homer are at it all over again. It does not get any better.

    • Sheri Strobaugh says:

      Thank you for this Diane. It brought tears to my eyes. Peggy always made me “as a newbie” feel so welcome and her kind words built my confidence. How wonderful to see her and her Homer together again. She is truly blessed and so are we for having her in our lives…

  6. tlrelf says:

    I will miss you, Peggy! You made my time here at AWWYP that much more meaningful! Thank you for all your comments and since I, too, am “like” Diane, I wouldn’t mind if you popped in for a visit! While my mom was passing, she referred to it as getting ready for her grand adventure! Here’s to one awesome adventure after another with Homer!
    With love,


    P.S. Listening to the Cohen song brought tears to my eyes. . .

  7. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    Thank you Peggy for making all of our live richer. You are with your loved one Homer and dancing with the Angels…You will always be with us and us with you…

  8. Mac Eagan says:

    There is no doubt Peggy made this site special. She was a mother, a grandmother, and I’m pretty sure a great-grand and yet she never acted as if she had come to know it all. There was so much more for her still to see and learn.

    Peggy wrote from the heart, wrote of the things she understood and, as any good writer should, she wrote to share not to impress. She was always appreciative of other’s comments and even seemed amazed that the rest of us could take such delight in her stories.

    And I always loved watching her interact with Thornton through the comments on these pages. He would do something mischievous – probably at times just to see how Peggy would react – and she would, in essence, tell him to “behave himself.” But somewhere in those words her love was obvious. Thinking back, it reminds me of Aunt Polly and Tom Sawyer.

    We were all fortunate to be her friends and the playground will not be the same.

    She will be missed.

  9. Derek says:

    Oh my. A dear soul among us and a reminder that what all of us do on this site is about more than writing. We connect, we laugh, we share our joys, and at a time like this, we grieve together. Peggy reminds us of the power of kindness and that words, at their finest, are the whispers of the heart. With love to her family and all who love her.

  10. Thorn and the entire group says:

    Well everybody, it’s Jodi AGAIN. Just wanted to let you know that Mother’s funeral went well today. It was beautiful, if a funeral can be. We are all so, so, so, so appreciative of all the kind words all of you wrote about her. What a special group of friends you all were to her and I want you all to know that she just LOVED writing with friends from all over. I will stop in from time to time to say HI! Love and blessings to you all! Jodi

    • Thornton Sully says:

      Hi Jodi
      My access to the site is limited, so please forgive my own delay in reponded. Moast simply stated, we all loved your mother and not without cause. And as I think of it, it is probably more accurate to make it forever present tense. We all LOVE your mother.

    • diana_SD says:

      Dearest Jodi, Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your mother. She was a bright light and a beacon of acceptance and kindness here at A Word with You Press. With always a kind word and compassionate insight, she helped make us what we are today. I am so happy I got to know her here and that she shared her writing with us.

  11. JackHorne says:

    I just dropped by to read the entries for the contest and to see who won – and saw this instead. So sorry to hear the news. Peggy was a lovely lady and a very good writer. I’ll miss her kind presence here. I’ll be back later to read the contest entries etc, my congrats to the winner. Jack

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