Putting our best foot forward!


It’s not too late to win our trophy. The likelihood of seducing a member or members of your preferred gender(or species) will be greatly enhanced if this is sitting on your mantel, a testament to your superior writing abilities by winning our contest.  And what a great conversation starter! (“Tell me, is there a story to what you are wearing?  May I take a closer look?”)  Oh! the possibilities are mindless–oops!– I mean endless.  Simply write 500 words of brilliance about an article of clothing that has history to it…YOUR history.  That little brass plaque could have your name engraved upon it.  The ruby slipper is actually made of porcelain.  The wooden pedestal is actually made of wood, and the brass coated plaque is actually brass coated.  It begs for you to claim it!  Do it here:

Our New Contest: “High Heeled Sneakers”


One thought on “Putting our best foot forward!

  1. David Jenkins says:

    It’s still a lovely fairytale. But, suppose, just suppose she decided to write her own story. It wouldn’t be the size of her foot that attracts a prince of a man. It might just be her powerful intelligence and independence from goofy standards of what’s beautiful and what’s not. The right man falls in love with who she really is; and, she falls in love with who he really is. Let’s get it right for a change.
    Fairytales have been setting bad standards for both men and women way too long.
    Michelle Obama, Barack Obama? Now that’s a tale to remember and teach your youg’uns.

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