The Courtesans of God – Book 1 – The Prophecy of Che’Wan



book 1:  The Prophecy of Che’ Wan IS RELEASING February 15, 2023

In the Year of the Monkey in the heart of the tropics on the morning of perpetual, centuries-old summer, God thickened the river with mud to slow the advance of time. Up the slope from his labors and unnoticed even by God, a nimble girl of seven hoisted herself through the branches of the tallest tree in the yard of the Madrigal plantation.

The young girl’s adventures, tragedies, and triumphs begin. Her abusive family washes their hands of her, consigning her to a Catholic orphanage where the cruelties inflicted upon her are intensified and sanctified. A born leader, in one defiant moment she leads an insurrection among the orphans that changes the course of her life forever.

Based on the true story of Catherine D’Cruz

Let The Courtesans of God from our Editor in Chief, Thornton Sully, take you on a journey.