Posting from Prague… our contest continues


I will resume posting our entries later today, but first a reminder:  Submission deadline is March 7th, midnight–but midnight becomes confusing, as I am now in a different time zone from most of you–so–just hurry and get in your entries!

This theater I discovered in my neighborhood was built art-deco style in the early 20’s.  It was closed and boarded up shortly thereafter for reasons I will investigate, to reopen after the Velvet Revolution in 1988 (Not to be confused with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, though it truly IS underground). It closed again, and recently reopened for experimental Czech plays to be performed. Disney productions, they are not!  In one performance the players–about 20 of them, turned around and mooned the audience.  Later in the performance, the actors changed places with the audience, and the audience on stage was then given instructions by the director to….well, I will save that for another post.

Be patient if you have not seen your contest entry posted yet.  Still quite a few in the hopper. Entry fee has been by donation only, and though beer here is cheaper than water, now is the time to donate if you can and what you can to cover the cost of our plaque ($100) prize money ($500) trophy and engraving, mailing the winner ($150) and cost of keeping the site on line. I was prepared to cover the cost of the contest regardless of the amount of donations because I think it is a worthwhile conversation for all of us to be having, and I am not disappointed by the results and the controversies. This was not meant to be a Kumbayah moment, but a fierce examination of who we are and where are we are as a nation. Donations, thus far, have reached about half the costs.  Anyone who now kicks in will be totally absolved of any racist tendencies they have had in the past, infidelities and lustful thoughts.  Please, seek forgiveness now!



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