Peggy Dobbs and Kyle Katz: You Been THORNED!

Ahhh!  Literati!  If there is one thing that the editor-in-chief (moi) likes more than submission(as in contest submission), and more than the tribute often used to sway the judge (also moi) it is a good Thorning.

For the uninitiated, Thorning is the act whereby I completely disregard someone’s privacy and broadcast to cyberspace (vouz) an email intended to be confidential.

But to qualify for a Thorning what must be revealed in the email is any of the many virtues that most of us lack, or display too infrequently.

Peggy Dobbs and KYLE Katz have done just that. Rather than spell it our for you, I will just post the email exchange that occurred this afternoon from the Towers that are A Word with You Press.

The thread begins with an email from Peggy Dobbs:

Dear Thorn,


I was making a comment on one of our playmates’ FB timeline page recently and saw that quote. I asked if it was a personal quote and if I could use it. Graciously, she said, yes, it was hers and of course I could use it whenever. She had also commented on my FB timeline that you were correct about Leonard Cohen’s album, “Old Ideas” and I was encouraged to find a copy of the album which after a two day search I realized I’d have to order it. Yesterday, I sat down at my computer ready to order it from Amazon. Noticing I had a message from that particular playmate, I clicked on it to find that I was to look no further, a copy of the album was on the way and I should have it before, “Mother’s Day”. Humanity certainly does flourish when you find someone whose actions magnify their words.

Rightly, I know she would want to remain anonymous but while reading Tiffany’s blog, I saw where I could send in something I wrote and it could be read to your, “Round Table”, tonight.So if you think it appropriate, please let those there tonight know what a kind heart Kyle Katz has and that we all would do well to memorize her quote and act upon it at every opportunity.

Blessings to you all, Peggy

p.s. I would prefer that you do not “Thornize” this in any way!


Thornton Sully <>
3:50 PM (2 hours ago)
to peggy

You can’t always get what you wa-ant!  I know Kyle and that she would love to be acknowledged for this as long as it is done without her consent! A Thorning is in order…your good looks hold no sway here!

And actually, our meetup was last night, and Kyle drove up from San Diego to attend.


peggy dobbs
4:50 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

So, aside from you needing to have your eyes checked, just what did you have in mind? Holding it until next week? pd



Thornton Sully <>
5:49 PM (23 minutes ago)
to peggy


there is sweetness on your side and on Kyle’s side–Kyle for wanting to give and you for the humility to recognize the value of something beyond the few dollars it cost to buy and send.

Sometimes people accidentally reveal their virtues. It should not go unnoticed..that is what Thorning is all about. I warned Kyle (I usually don’t give warnings!) that you and she are about to be Thorned.

It is those among us who are most modest, in this case you and Kyle, who are most deserving to be acknowledged.

I also know that one of your virtues is forgiveness!  You will be Thorned, and soon.


Ahhh Literati!  I LOVE this job.  But just remember The Bard:  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet; a THORN is still a prick.”

If you believe in goodness, please pass this little Thorning along.


7 thoughts on “Peggy Dobbs and Kyle Katz: You Been THORNED!

  1. 1948pdobbs says:

    Thank goodness you were not in the CIA or we all would be speaking Russian!
    My husband was the same way so I had 64 years of forgiving what he felt should be passed along, irregardless of what I thought. So, attention my fellow writers, our Editor-in-chief has no shame.(He knows we are going to love him anyway).
    Kyle, thank you again and you can deal with “The rose by any other name………………….
    Blessings, pd

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    Nature’s contrast. I always wondered why God made such piercing
    ‘Thorns’ on the stem of a rose. Now I know it was to protect its beauty.

  3. KYLE Katz says:

    Yeah. Peggy just received her CD, Leonard Cohens “Old Ideas.” I’m feeling so good now….you guessed it, I’m dancing. Happy Mothers Day Peg! My Mom would have loved this CD as well.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Some days the Thorny one does have beauty shining through that multi-layered heart of his. And the women he thorned just had their own brilliance level raised to a higher frequency.

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