Paperback writer!

Fetch the chocolate, fetch the champagne. Fetch the peppermint tea!

My mystical fantasy, Covenant, is now available in paperback. It’s been a heck of a ride and now my novel can take pride of place beside my copy of The Coffee Shop Chronicles Vol 1 (you all have your copy, right?).

A huge thank you for all the encouragement and support from our AWwYP community. I, my landlord and my creditors would love Covenant to be a success, so please help spread the word – blog, tweet, review on Amazon, pitch a tent outside a bookstore and demand a copy – it’s all appreciated.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for lovers of fantasy fiction, esoteric fiction or allegorical fiction, why not give Covenant a shot?

Before you rush to your local independent bookstore, a chain store, or even the beloved internet, remember to take along the ISBN, which is: 978-0-9569877-3-0.

I do plan to offer signed copies for purchase, so if that floats your boat drop me an email – derek @ – without the gaps and I’ll let you know the cost including post and packing.

And…a signed copy will be a contest prize in the new year.


5 thoughts on “Paperback writer!

  1. Tlrelf says:

    Sozar! Covenant NOW in paperback! I’m currently a few lightyears past Saturn, but will upload my consciousness into the mainframe and access my paypal account to order!

    I would like an autographed copy, please.

    • Derek says:

      As soon as I get copies from the wholesaler, I’ll figure out the cost and get back to you toot sweet! How’s your own writing at the moment? Might we expect an announcement soon?

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