Out of the Dark and Into the Story

: Announcing Kristy Webster’s GoFund Me Campaign

Kristy’s talents were immediately known to us when she entered our first literary contest five years ago, and we published ‘Everything is Spectacular’ in our anthology The Coffeeshop Chronicles: Oh the Places I have Bean!

She has regularly contributed to many of the fifty or so competitions we have held since then, including the First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write of Passage Contest, in which she was the first place winner of $500.

Unknown to many of you, Kristy is an equally talented visual artist, and we are pleased to announce that we have compiled a collection of her drawings and stories, including the novella Coco, into a single volume – The Gift of an Imaginary Girl.

We are ready to go to press and are asking your help to cover the publication and printing costs..

Every donor will receive a signed copy of her book, even if the donation is tiny. Have you gone out to dinner recently? How about donating what the cost of your meal was? Found change in the center console to get yourself a frap? Donate the cost of a cup of coffee.

Kristy’s work is remarkable— stunning, actually— and deserves a wide audience. Help put her on the world stage, where she belongs. The Gift of an Imaginary Girl is the first in our series: The Magical Realism Collection.

Be part of her success story. Donate what you can.

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