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I am constantly amazed at the originality of our contestants. No two writers have handled the prompt in the same way (making this a judging nightmare!) Here is our most ephemeral entry to date, one that still complies to the parameters of the prompt: to write about a recent encounter with a lost love.  Not yet entered the contest yourself?  After you have read Parisianne’s entry, follow this link to see what we’re after: https://awordwithyoupress.com/2016/02/14/at-last-a-new-contest-love-lost/  

We are offering a Nook or Kindle device to the winning entry, and a trophy we’ll reveal later this week.  In the meantime, here is

Two Wings of an Angel

by Parisianne Modert

Over many lifetimes souls transmigrate body to body. Humans have a next life or ascend into a higher being. My name was Ursula Tengroth, was Peter Modert and was Parisianne Modert, but this story is about souls.

This message of souls, I pray, will free each of you from all fears about your own deaths and punishments. The Great Light created us in its energy of purity and love. Please read this story with reverence and gratitude knowing you are loved.

My own part of this story begins in the Stockholm summer of 1951 only a few days old, born to a famous actress named Birgit Tengroth. One mid-afternoon, in my crib on the third floor with sunlight playing down through skylights, I passed. My soul rose from my body as my mother was coming into the room to check on me. I still can hear her screams and my own internal ones as the clouds grew nearer before she disappeared forever from me and I from her.

An ascended master, in the form of spinning blue light, gently, but authoritatively told me that my next life would begin in taking the place of another soul in that baby’s mother’s womb. My lifetime purpose would be to self-actualize myself and teach others as a transformed female embodied, two spirit. I obeyed not fully understanding the instructions.

In those first moments within her first trimester fetus, I met the soul within Mrs. Jo Modert that her husband, Dr. Alson, would later name Peter. To tell you that Peter’s original soul was my first love and I was his is our sworn truth. Souls are far more aware than even adult humans. Without any certainty as to how long we would be allowed to remain with each other we kissed, embraced, expressed our love for each other and made love in our own energy way. Our brief time together during the first trimester was sweet, revealing, with prayers for our eternity, vows born out of our love.

Destiny, however, had a different design and suddenly I was alone in the chemical washing machine. I retreated and did not allow those chemicals to reach Peter’s brain leaving him physically male, but female by gender identity as I had been instructed to do. I missed my soulmate, but tried my best to be brave, doubting I would ever see my soulmate again in any lifetime.

The years passed with growing up male, prom, college, marriage, divorce, sex reassignment, becoming Parisianne, staying together, my lady’s death and human love. Christmas 2015 the angels blessed me. Parisianne passed on Christmas Day 2016.

At Saint Peter’s Gates I was reunited with Peter’s original soul, my soulmate. We kissed as if no time had passed. During that kiss we merged into one angel, two wings together, a golden halo above our crown chakra.

Have patience with your lives. Love each other. For I tell you that every time two souls become soulmates an angel is born.

14 thoughts on “Our latest contest entry: Parisianne Modert wings it

  1. Laura G says:

    For those interested in spiritual matters, unusual perspectives and who are open to surprise, this story is a gift. Your words are clear and the narrative flow works. You’ve woven metaphor and the magical into the story of your life. It’s as if you’ve become the story, rather than a narrator removed. Thank you for sharing a higher perspective.

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Beautifully written and expressed. The imprints on our souls is many and varied. Each incarnation carries those variations within – how we live our present life is based on what we want to learn in this lifetime and where love will lead us. Remembrance is a gift.

  3. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    The message of Jesus, of Buddha, of all those humble of heart has been “Love one another.” God the Father created the world out of love, Jesus died for us out of love, and the Holy Spirit gives us strength to defeat Satan out of love. I enjoyed this piece!

  4. Josh LaMore says:

    I’m reminded that true love never fades and doesn’t have a description. The love you speak of is not romantic, passionate, or any other word one could use to describe love; it transcends those descriptions and types, revealing that Love (with a capitol L) is something else entirely. It doesn’t have a description. It’s beyond possessing a property. — Thanks for the reminder and reflection!

  5. Miryam says:

    A beautiful and personal tale that transcends the senses. There is so much beyond our explanation. This piece certainly explores the possibilities.
    Thank you Parisianne

  6. Ken Weene says:

    Then I trust my wife and I will become part of the angelic host in the next round. Of course, given our usual deportment, this new angel will soon be kicked out and sent to live in another place.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Melding spiritual dogmas and gender politics – singular. I like the description of the kiss and the sharing of wings at the end. Being, giving away, finding, losing, finding again. And the greatest of these things is love.

  8. Parisianne Modert says:

    Thank you is given to all those commenting and to the presentation in artwork and introduction to this past life, autobiographical, spiritual belief and prophetic vision and explanation of my unique existence. I offered this story as non-fiction which will be proven or not proven in the future.

    This story is about souls not human spirits. Human spirits are passionate, mortal and esoteric living with “free will” through grace. Souls are observers, transcendent and eternal energy dedicated to allowing “free will”. I thank all of you for making the attempt to understand my new faith and perspectives.

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