Ouch! poetess Dolores Rider enters our contest


I love this entrant’s approach to our contest: a terse reprimand that blends elements of poetry and narration.  Remind me not to do anything to offend this woman! We are delighted to have a fresh author enter the playground, with this imaginative missive. Welcome Dolores. Can I fix you a drink?

Shadowed Gain

by Dolores Rider

Well hello, please have a seat, if you wouldn’t mind lending an ear to a situation you will find amazingly hilarious. As a gift and by mending a shattered etiquette sustaining a frown mellow of welcoming Princess House, is quite preposterous. A dark shadow lingered tail end into my home, the sound of snarled apology echoed from fascia, walls, beautifully luminous.
Sometimes silly words cause the unintended wrong impression, that usually leads to one of most familiar question a note stating I love you or is it I love you for to avoid aggression. Time fades quick where memories kept as a no remuneration. To reminisce about a love that once was there and to beat wandered commotion, Is more difficult to assess than a love for real with more communication.

Anytime you wish to visit your five children, please be our guest, do not expect a welcoming committee; the only bequest once your foot touches a floor in each of their heart, prepare for questions and give legit reasons why you had to part. For myself being one who would have done the needed to impart.

Final answer; No time for sob stories, the only reality of the situation is, time changed fast. On a different note, you appeared ultimately sluggish for your age, even a sloth is quicker than you. Your apology will never stick a Post-it note on a heart’s wall ever again. Oblige the next person with your hit and misses of apology and pleases.



13 thoughts on “Ouch! poetess Dolores Rider enters our contest

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    So glad you joined the fray, Dolores! Please feel free to post a link to your website in the comment boxes. You folks have just six days to enter our contest. Today is Morgan Sully’s birthday! (mon fille!) In his honor, anyone who enters the contest by midnight tonight gets the $7 fee waived.

  2. Mike Casper says:

    I must confess I’m not a poet. Most of the time I find poetry confusing and downright confounding.
    To me, Romeo and Juliet is a cigar. I’ve never once oded to a tree, and I’ve only taken the road few other peeps take to get to my fave fishing spot. BUT I found that when I read your story…keeping in mind that narrative mingled with poetry will ebb and flow…I enjoyed it.
    Thanks, Dolores, and welcome to the monkey house.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    As Mike said – ebb and flow caught me tossing me around through these thoughts. Felt almost as if just facts were being said and had to read again the words to find the subtle emotion behind the words. Very well done and glad you joined in with us Delores.

  4. Kyle Katz says:

    Dolores, I loved reading this one. I love the perspective and felt like you were talking to just me to come join you. How intimate. Welcome to our circus of elite characters of creators which is a story with-in itself.

  5. Michael Stang says:

    ” … I love you or is it I love you for to avoid aggression.” I recognize this beat more than I care to admit. Here, Dolores Rider, you have unearthed a universal expression of love gone to no good purpose. Five children sets me to wonder of an unheard of strength.
    Welcome to the site indeed! May there be more.
    Thank you.

    • Thornton Sully says:

      Hello Grant…my recollection is that all of your entries into our contests have been poetry.. Am I right? I would love to see you enter traditional narrative fiction with our next contest. Just sayin

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